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eXode 2010-10-12 16:29

eXode - Mist in the Meadow (Album)

You can stream my entire album Mist in the Meadow from SoundCloud. Many of these tracks have been posted here earlier, this is the finished album. This album was actually produced before Call of Gaea.

Genre: Instrumental

Atmospheric music with ethereal soundscapes and influences from folk and world music. Produced mostly in Reason 4, the bouzouki was recorded into another software but then imported to a NN-19.

8 tracks with a total running time of 38 min and 52 sec. This album was heavily inspired by the nature here in sweden and also scandinavian mythology.

Enjoy and thank you for listening!

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musicalrain 2010-10-12 17:50

Exode ! Btw I just wanted to thank you for all of the refills and time you have donated to all here at the forum.

I will be listening to more as time allows but that title track is very good. The upright and beat had me going .
Is that an ocinara around 2:34 or so ? Great production. River of dreams is very expressive. The EP is emotional
and very expressive. I loved it. Its my favorite so far.


particlejunkie 2010-10-12 20:39

Sounds great as always! Been relaxing to it during the morning's work.

origami 2010-10-12 21:23

huh? Arent't these old songs? I recall listening to them on an iPod mini. I really love them though, I think they've inspired quite a few songs of my own.

KIBEJA 2010-10-12 22:56

Well there aren't enough superlatives to use in describing how good this is! Bravo Exode!


ddstuart 2010-10-13 04:34


SoftEnerji 2010-10-13 06:21

Thanks for sharing eXode. Some of this does seem familiar but that's not a bad thing. Inspirational stuff!



eXode 2010-10-13 07:15

Thanks for all the comment and well spotted. It is indeed older work and I thought I pointed that out but it turns out that it was in a post in another forum. Yes this is material of which have been previously posted (some of the track at least).

eXode 2010-10-13 07:44

Thanks for the comment! That sound is a recorder from the factory soundbank if I remember correctly!


Originally Posted by musicalrain (Post 804843)
Is that an ocinara around 2:34 or so ? Great production. River of dreams is very expressive.

eXode 2011-09-22 22:15

Re-uploaded the entire set to Soundcloud!

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