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2010-12-02 00:41

Recording Drums
I'm interested in getting started with RECORD. Has anyone ever tracked drums with RECORD? If so, how was the session? Meaning, easy to set up, get sounds, editing... Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Bretstradamus 2010-12-02 01:07

Any audio track is very easy to set up, provided that you have an interface with enough channels for your drums. After selecting your interface in the audio preferences, all you have to do is make as many audio tracks as you want and tell them what channels to record. Hit the red button and you're ready to go!

2010-12-02 15:09

Great, sounds very easy. Do you recommend any interfaces to work with? Thanks again!

ProfessaKaos 2010-12-02 16:35

you'll also need certain mics for each piece of the drum kit maybe 2 or more mics for a certain piece's of a drum kit. So you would want maybe a usb mixer interface with at least 8 channels and a fair few different mics.

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