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DUT11 2010-12-04 05:32

Novation Nocturn, any experience?
I'm wondering if anyone has experience using the Novation Nocturn controller with reason and/or record? I've seen just a few videos on youtube, but not really enough to make a decision.

I'd imagine it could be useful in controlling synth/combi paramaters, and maybe even in some light mixing. Is it reliable/stable? Any other suggestions?

LTRNG 2010-12-04 11:44

I've bought the nocturn a few month ago.
It works really well with reason+record.
It's great cause when you set the controler for a subtractor and then save the map, when ever you select any of the subtractor track of your project, the nocturn is mapped to control a you can create map for every single module of reason and it will automaticaly map for this modul when you select it.

BUT I'm personaly not a big fan. First because when I'm really producing, I don't really use any rotary control, and I really hate those "infinity rotaries", cause when you turn the knob a little fast, the controled parameter don't move as fast. For exemple if you turn the knob 90° fast, the parameter will turn 10°....
So when I want a rotary for some automation I prefer to quicly map a "finit" knob on my CME UF6.

But It's a nice controler for fine tuning synth, create new patch etc...but not for a live use, or for recording fast automations....

Here's my personal opinion on this controler.

DBJones 2010-12-04 12:30

I agree with Letrange. If you want to set up the Reason devices and do some basic level/pan setting in the mixer then it does the job very well at its price point.

I prefer the keyboard version because then you get transport controls too (as well as the keyboard, obviously; you also get 8 pads).

The Automap head-up display can be a bit of a pain on a small screen but I don't know how else you could do it and keep the costs down.

Novation have steadily improved the software so it is a supported product. I have found it reliable and 100% stable. Physically it is all plastic but seems to be reasonably tough (I can only comment from home use - I have yet to use the Nocturn on a gig).

At the end of the day it is cost/feature trade-off. If you want LCD displays and sliders it is going to cost more.

inakito 2012-11-11 03:19

I am currently using a Novation Nocturn to control every parameter from Reason using Automap and I think it works like a charm.
I have a keyboard too that I use to write music but honestly the Nocturn is such a smart piece of kit. You can also overlay the view window to know what parameter from the device you will be controlling so you not spending anytime digging in case you using the presets.
I think endless rotatory knobs are superb as you wont ever have a sound jump while switching between devices.
I definetlly think this controller is fantastic and I would really like to recommend to anyone looking for a controller to work in Reason.

ETalk 2012-11-11 11:33

I've used the keyboard for 3 years now and have mixed feelings about it. The controller knobs aren't brilliant for precise usage (as mentioned above) and I've never found it to integrate that well. It does work well though, or I wouldn't have kept it!!!

To be really, really honest if you want to get a really good controller then get yourself the Nektar Panorama.
It has by far the best integration with Reason and their customer support is unparalleled.

If you're a bit strapped for cash and like Automap then Novation's Impulse range seems to be heading in a similar direction for Reason. But by no means on the same level as Nektar!! :) I guess it depends on how soon you need it in your hands!

Read the reviews about Nektar here on the forums and see what you think.

Good luck :)

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