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dmcghee 2010-12-07 05:53

Modeled Emulation of 24 Track Tape
Record has the SSL 9000k Analog Desk. What about a modeled analog 24 track tape deck like the Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder plug-in.
Check it out here.

dreampolice 2010-12-07 06:47

Scream can come pretty close.

dmcghee 2010-12-07 07:09

Have you seen the video? Can Scream have the same results?

dreampolice 2010-12-07 19:19

Play with the tape setting on Scream.

selig 2010-12-07 19:25


Originally Posted by dmcghee (Post 821939)
Have you seen the video? Can Scream have the same results?

Can it sound like an MCI 2" machine? How about 2" with 16 track heads? What about over biasing it? How do I quickly change "tape speed" on all tracks at once?

What I'm saying is that nothing except a Studer SHOULD sound like that plugin. One other point I was trying to make is that the plugin can't do things the tape machine can do, like change attributes on all 24 tracks at once (like the tape speed example, or changing to a different tape formula).

One solution is the approach that Dave Hill and Avid have take with "HEAT" for Pro Tools. In that spirit, I built a VERY rudimentary 'proof of concept' version for Record (code name "Re-Heat"!). I'm more than happy to take it further if encouraged and if folks REALLY find it a useful approach.

I'm currently working with it to fix a few things, add a few things, and figure out what else it needs, so any feedback would be helpful if you end up messing with it.

It's currently 24 track, but I may make a 32 track version (you can always delete the tracks you don't need). And It's currently setup with Audio Channel but Mix Channels can easily be substituted or I'll make a version with some of each? Depends on how folks think they would use it.

I'll be working on it today and will post the fixes/additions ASAP!

selig 2010-12-08 01:38

Here's the updated post for my 24 track Tape Machine:

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