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matumeak 2010-12-25 10:23

New MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro for Reason and Live

I currently use a 24" iMac for my music production, running Reason and Ableton Live. I have money to get a laptop now and I am really attracted to the highest end 13" MacBook Air, because of the looks and the portability. While shopping, I found that I could also get a 15" MacBook Pro 2.53ghz 500gig 4gigRam for about $100 more than the 4gig Ram 13" MacBook Air.

I've done some research, and they are saying that the MacBook Air does better than the 13" MacBook pro. The thing I would miss most would be a firewire port on the Air.

I also do some video editing, just using iMovie, not FinalCutPro. I do most work in Reason and Live, making many tracks of audio. Yet, the bulk of my work can be done at home on my 24" iMac, which I have a really nice padded case with wheels, so I've been travelling with it. I travel a lot, and would like to get a laptop, leave my iMac at home, and continue making music/editing video on the road.

Could my iMac communicate with my MacBook Air while I'm on the road, if I leave the iMac on, via Mobile Me?

Also, does anyone think that the MacBook Air could be a viable touring machine for music production and video editing while travelling?

What do you use when you travel, and why? Thanks in advance!

matumeak 2010-12-25 10:49

Found a great link that helps. It would be my second computer, don't want my 24" iMac to get too jealous. I would love to hear what you use! I do travel a lot, and I write a lot, so it would be helpful also in my script-writing to have an ultra-portable machine that could also handle Reason and Live. Thanks again!

matumeak 2010-12-25 11:16

Here's another link that seems to support my theory that the tricked out 13" Air could handle what I need to do with Live, Reason, Record and iMovie. Hope to hear more replies, especially to hear what you use and run and how it works for you. Thanks!

Rucafest 2010-12-25 11:16

Well to be honest i don't think they really are more powerfull machines than the 13" Macbook Pro's the only tests i have seen where these machines really outperform any other Apple computers is on the start up and wake up modes (much thanks to the SSD Flash disks)

However they are more than capable to run Reason and so on if you ask me. (from the specs at least)
Considering that you also already have a powerhouse 24" Imac, then i would go for the Air.
They are indeed is ultra slim and weight almost nothing. I was very impressed when i tried both new Air models at a local shop. The screens are simply amazing and put my Macbook to shame really! well they actually have better integrated graphics cards also.

Also to share files and such you have plenty a choice nowadays Dropbox is becoming very popular and allows a free 2GB start up account and syncs all your computers with relative ease of use.
Happy shopping mate!

danny_f 2010-12-25 17:37

Why not get both and do the tests/experiments yourself? then return the one that doesn't cut it.

All you will get here are predictions and opinion.

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