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nikolafeve 2011-01-19 04:00

Wishlist 2011
-Midi out.
-Browser faster, probably index for the files.
-zoom in/out by click+drag vertically in timeline
-Bigger view for vertical zoom
-Audio ans midi loop browser (acid wav and apple loop compatible) with preview in tempo of the current song.
-Drag and drop for import audio file.
-Record in loop mode for midi (with automatic mute of the previous lane).
-No size limit for the autoplay in the browser.
-"solo safe" or "link channels" on the mixer.
-Save entire channel settings as file.
-In the browser possibility to open .record file like a folder for browse samples.
-Possibility to rename audio input.
-Volume and panpot on mix channel device and audio track device
-Button "go to sequencer" on mix channel device and audio track device
-Optimisation of space in the sequencer (less space beetween tracks in the sequencer...). Important for users on laptop
-Folder tracks.
-Option "Return to start after stop" for play quickly the same part several times.
-A real 0db line on the waveforms of audio clips for more precision (like in the wave editor)
-Kong: option to save patch with a copy of samples in a subfolder
-Mute tool for individual notes in edit mode (actually the mute tool work just on an entire clip)
-Possibility to switch between "Relative grid" and "Absolute grid" for the snap mode can be usefull.
-In Record we can resize the start and end point of a audio clip without limitation, but it can be usefull in many situations to have a mark on the audio clip to see the original start/end point.
-Possibility to set manually the original tempo and time signature of an audio clip.
-Second insert slot in ssl (example: for load quickly several combinator FX presets)
-Dialog box for apply fades settings when joining clips
-Real Spectrum analyzer
-Crossfades (without entering comp mode) and shape choice for fade in/out
-A mouse modifier for separate items without the razor tool (like alt+click), please!!!
-Possibility to edit keybords shortcuts, macros and mouse modifiers (like in reaper)
-Possibility to resize note from the left
-Possibility to cut notes with the razor tool

artsandrules 2011-01-19 06:39

That is a good list of "sane" feature requests. A lot of my biggest problems are workflow related (faster, indexed browser and the autoplay filesize limitation, loop mode record, proper audio loop support in Record that detects acid/apple loop tempo, etc). I'm always stunned whenever I click an audio file that's larger than 2mb and get that "too large for autoplay" message (and yet, I can press the browser Play button to hear it?)...

From my own personal vault, I would add:

- Massive Matrix device upgrade (or additional "ubermatrix" device)
- Combinator device upgrade (more knobs and buttons, at least)
- Line 6 device upgrades (all patches supported, more editing potential)
- Integrated Recycle (of some sort)

I like the idea of keeping requests short.. Propellerheads might want to know what we want, but not necessarily implementation details ;)

mind2069 2011-01-19 06:45

Good list, I will add a couple even if some have been demanded a lot already

- button on the audio track (in the rack) that says : Hide channel in mixing console or something like that. cause I use the direct outs a lot and connect them into a 6 or 14 channel mixer into an other audio device to create sub groups, now the mixer is overcrowded with "unused" channels
- A octave shifting on the combinator
- Rigth click on a clip with an option resize clip to window.
- A couple of locators.
- direct outs for kong.
- a dedicated lfo device
- dedicated band splitter (4 bands at least)
- spectrum analyser
- more rotaries on combinator
- full wave editor for the audio tracks
- recycle integration
- if no vst support, a full set of dedicated high quality effects units

DUT11 2011-01-19 09:46

+1 for convolution reverb. Just more mixing tools in general would be nice

nikolafeve 2011-01-25 01:01


GeorgeFeb 2011-02-01 13:51

Cut all half-effects too & replace 'em by good quality effects devices!

And ReBirth module cut too! =)

deepndark 2011-02-01 14:24

Why do people want to replace effects as it's way harder to make em backwards compatible than making a toatlly new unit.

GeorgeFeb 2011-02-01 14:39

Backwards compatible - with what? Old Reason versions or old Refills - might be, but need going to future... =)

deepndark 2011-02-01 15:34

With Reason songs ;)

GeorgeFeb 2011-02-01 15:43

I'm totally forgot about those! =)

I'm think R/R need (including all of nikolafeve first post) more MClass: Phaser,
Advanced EQ, Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Gater & sort of effects...

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