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deepndark 2011-02-03 16:00

Robot Dance - House - Reflexion X
Hello everyone!

It's been ages when I did a tune without my voice which is kinda cool as it seems this tune does well without them. Some Techno flavored House - "Robot Dance"

Let me know what you think - I made this in Reason 5 but converted it to Record later on.

Or visit my soundclick page to get the download - link on my signature.

mastertonyd 2011-02-03 16:19

Nice work Heikki! And I love the drums on World peace.

deepndark 2011-02-03 16:22


Originally Posted by mastertonyd (Post 839338)
Nice work Heikki! And I love the drums on World peace.

Thanks man - glad you like it :D

Dave909 2011-02-03 22:38

Really good man. Would love to hear this played in a club!

ecopro 2011-02-04 15:05

Techno for sure mate!

Digging those drums and the rest of the crisp production!
It's kind of weird not hearing your vox in any of your tracks :), but
the track feels right the way it is though.

Great job & keep 'em coming dude!


techfix 2011-02-04 23:17

This is an awesome track! Pumping techno goodness that makes you have to move. Love your website also, my friend.

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