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PizzaBox 2011-03-25 07:57

Please, share my pain.
Ugh, so Windows Update bothered me to install some important business onto my computer and, well, updates get me giddy for some reason and I got a little too excited and immediately pressed "restart now" without checking to see what programs I had open.

One of them was an unsaved project on Reason: the result of about an hour of effort into starting a new song that I thought was damn good for my own standards. Obviously I could go back and try my best to recreate the sound, note by note on the sequencer, but all the equalization, effects, and all that jazz cannot be perfectly emulated a second time. I'm sure any producer would agree.

You would think Propellerheads would have implemented an autosave feature into Reason by now, or something to protect unsaved work. Granted, I realize saving a .rns is more taxing than, say, the autosave feature on Microsoft Word, but anything to protect ones art would go a long way! I did, however, export a .wav before I stepped away from it to share with a friend for feedback so I have SOMETHING to go off of at least :) (you can listen to it here if you're that interested )

Anyway, never posted on the forums before, and I'm frustrated, figured I'd rant about it on here. :P

Anyone else had frustrating moments like this? I'm interested in hearing some stories :D

seanboro 2011-03-25 17:05

I think the worst thing is to try and recreate the sounds, This happend to me before, so I tried to recreate the sounds but It never happend. An auto save would be decent but you might change things a bit then realise its not as good as what it was, then auto save comes in and fucks it up. Now I constantly save it when I change something and it sounds good. Incase it crashes.

PizzaBox 2011-03-28 11:40

Hell yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Creation of sound is usually done by trial and error and accidentally so trying to recreate an accident is like hoping your Janga tower will collapse into a neat pile so you don't have to clean it up :/

trust409 2012-12-03 08:37

YES YES YES. If anyone from Propellerhead is reading, PLEASE consider adding autosave as an opt-in setting. I just lost about 75% of a track I was quickly improvising on. Custom sounds, arrangements, you name it — lost. Also, what good is a dialog that pops up to rub it in your face that the app didn't save anything for you when it crashed?

rVOLT 2012-12-03 19:16

I save as I go, constantly for this reason.

I think an auto save is a horrible idea for the following reason.

Wwhat if you spent an hour and a half creating something that you decided you didn't like before the program crashed? It will ruin your existing file.

I've foolishly left reason open, and came home to edits made by my cats who walk across my 4 seperate midi controllers. Do I want that auto saved? Nope.

Maybe if the autosave wrote to a temp file, it would be fine, but then again i'll have 3-5 instances of Reason open at once, and even across multiple computers...

I can always recreate my sounds. I plot it all out in my head before hand so I know what I am aiming for, though if you dont know what youre doing and youre just turning and sliding knobs till it sounds cool, sure... autosave would be great for you. lol

rVOLT 2012-12-03 19:18


Originally Posted by PizzaBox (Post 853936)
Hell yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Creation of sound is usually done by trial and error and accidentally so trying to recreate an accident is like hoping your Janga tower will collapse into a neat pile so you don't have to clean it up :/

lol, SO do you accidentally make all your music? LOL

LastAlternative 2012-12-03 21:38

Error 404 on your link man. It's not working.

LastAlternative 2012-12-03 21:47

I agree and disagree with autosave and here's why:
-Agree because nothing is worse than being on a roll and getting excited about a new sound or tune, only to have some freak accident and lose it.
-Disagree because if you are trying something, like for example, resetting the mixer and redoing a mix, but don't like it and then all the sudden have an issue like yours, you are SOL on that sound that was better before trying to redo the mix.
Here's my horror story:
The worst thing that ever happened to me was I deleted a song file and started over from scratch. I soon realized I wanted my song back because it had a cool vibe and bad ass snare I couldn't find again. Luckily, I made an mp3 before deleting the song file and had to play it by ear; literally. Got pretty damn close. Close enough to get back on track. Now I save after every few changes! I'm like a paranoid saver!!! And for good reason.

sagana33 2012-12-04 00:23

An auto save function is fine as long as you can deactivate it.

Otherwise it can be very messy, adding a lot of unwanted files all over your hard disk.

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