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Hotmitts 2011-03-31 03:18

Small improvements to midi sequencer in Record
When you press play in record, you see the vertical line moving across the midi sequencer, representing where you are in the song, which bar( or part of bar) you are currently listening to. I don't recall what it's called, in Sonar it's the 'now' time..

Anyway my point is, when you have any view other than the midi sequencer maximised, ie. the rack view or Mixer, you can't control the point at which the song is playing back from. You can see a visual representation of the song, a 'mini view' of the clips, along the bottom of the screen. But unless I'm missing something, you can't use that mini view to control whereabouts in the song you are.

That means that if you have the mixer maximised to do some serious EQ/effect/whatever tweaking, you have to fiddle around a lot to go to various bits of the song and hear what effect it's having.

So the mini-clip view or whatever it's called (sorry I'm on my girlfriends computer with no Reason installed) should have a way of doing that?

Also I'm finding it difficult without Markers; if you switch between the arrange and edit and they're set at different magnifications it's easy to get lost as to where you were exactly.

Hotmitts 2011-03-31 21:46

no-one else then?

clarktw 2011-03-31 22:31

The Song Position Pointer, as you say, shows where you are in the song and the Left and Right Locators and the Song End Marker are all vertical lines, with their different little “belt buckle” icons in the Song Navigator (the mini-clip view). For the sake of talking, let’s call all four of them “pointers”.

The Song Navigator is always present and while in Edit Mode you can click on any of the pointers, and the Edit Mode View jumps to that position, regardless of different magnifications. For example, if I’m matching something between the bass track and drum track at position, I place a pointer at that location and switch back and forth in Edit Mode.

I “feel your pain” about wanting to coordinate the song position while working in the Rack, but the combination of being able to set the pointers and loop and being able to work with them in Edit Mode is pretty cool. It does take some getting used to.

Hotmitts 2011-03-31 23:02

ok thanks for the reply clarktw,
yes the Song Navigator is very useful, and visible in all 3 'views' (I mean the maximised views of rack, Mixer and Sequencer). Just be nice if you could also use it to musically scroll through the song. That way it'd make the most of having that Navigator view always visible. To me, anyway.

scifunk 2011-04-01 19:53

Sounds like you want a minimised transport window floating in any screen? Yes, it would be handy.

As would being able to copy and paste while a song is playing.

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