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Spectrephonic 2011-04-12 15:18

Reason and Record go Black Metal? Yeah!
Me and my band are recording our second album for a small but very influential italian label. I already used Reason to some extend on our first, but this time we did it (almost) completely in Reason and Record. We had some leftovers that were so good we decided to record and spread for free over the internet.

We do not make synthpop, we aren't an indie band either. Core ingredient in our music is.. metal! Just don't expect the typical metalsounds though, we like to add lots of synths and drummachines.

The song I'd like you to listen to is a bit different than we usually do, it has a slower pace and has live drums and washed out guitars on it. Our usual songs are fast, have sharp clear guitars and extreme programmed drums/beats.

Please go to our Bandcamp or Soundcloud page

I mixed this song completely in Record and all instruments except the drums are Reason. For drums we used Addictive Drums and a 2Box DrumItFive to drive it. I used the Kong PM kick and synthsnare to layer the existing performance. I used Thor for the moog-like intro synthbass and for most other synths in the track. Bitley's excellent Fairlight refill is used for both synths played just before the middle part. I used the Commodore64 free refill for the fast drumbreaks in the last part of this song, and at last I used James Bernard's Haas effect as an sendeffect on multiple stems. I created all vocal effects myself but I also used Jiggery-Pokery's Advanced Rotary Speakers.

The guitars were recorded through a UX1 Toneport and all distortion and effects you hear on them were done in R&R.

If you like to know more about how I did things please ask!
Oh, and we're called Control Human Delete


We’ve got a new song for you, Cosmography.

Again, this new track is recorded during the sessions for the new album, we decided that this track will not be on the album. Instead we provide it here for you ‘the listener’ to enjoy it in all it’s glory.

The real "metal" parts of this track are around 7 minutes if you can't wait that long!

The drums are recorded with the 2BOX drumkit into Addictive Drums. The drums are heavily layered with different drumsamples. The 4 Guitars are recorded through ENGL amp, Egnator speaker into a single SM57. The bass guitar is direct.

Everything else is Reason and Record, mastered with Ozone.

Let me know what you guys think of the track.


creed; supreme; contempt; the design;
speculations; sanctity; infinite conceit;
snails; vanish; verdict; fractal design;

Those who have ventured receive the gratitude
and vanish before this dying eye. While the
minitiae facts break the frailties as they
come by. Interconnects of the truth. They cannot
act where they are not. Oneness. One possibility
confronts the other, reflecting sunlight on
darkness. To break. To break.

The ideas where ridiculed at. Convinced of the
ultimate beauty which lies underneath. "They
should have failed to deduce from the works of God"

"They should have failed to deduce from the works of God"

erase; break; conceal; rule; sense; the truth; redeem

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Spectrephonic 2011-04-15 14:23

bump .

SSGamelord 2011-04-15 14:40

Hi spectrephonic,

Really nice track! I liked the dissonant synths and the sound design. I think the vocals are a bit too much upfront though, and the drums could be a tiny bit brighter.

Other than that, really nice work! :D


Spectrephonic 2011-04-15 14:59

Thanks for the reply

Spectrephonic 2011-04-17 13:44

I really like to have feedback, positive or negative. I know most of don't like the genre, but if you like to say something about it at all it would be nice.

jfrichards 2011-04-17 14:49


Originally Posted by Spectrephonic (Post 859188)
I know most of you don't like the genre, but if you like to say something about it at all it would be nice.

I remember when the first heavy death metal came out with Black Sabbath. In my circles, we were following Hendrix, Cream and Zeppelin and played Marshall stacks very loud, so volume and distortion were not problems. But very few of us liked Black Sabbath and the bands that followed. The main reason was that the intense distortion and negativity was too theatrical and the music and culture seemed to mock and condemn 98% of the people in the world. I appreciate the hatred towards the government, media, corporations, mindlessness and war that is built into the music, but I felt it included a hatred towards the decent working people who instinctively reject all the capitalist bullshit around them. I certainly agree that there are times when the majority gets tricked into following the lies from above. Nazi Germany and 1950's America are prime examples (and there are many today). To the degree that rock music rejects mindless fascism, I love it, and I see some of that in death metal. But for me, I look to the warm hearts and deep thinking that permeates the regular working people as the answer to corporate madness.

Just wanted to clarify that for many of us who don't enjoy death metal, it's not because we love corporate insanity. I'm not trying to start a political debate, just explaining my circle's aversion to death metal.

With your song, I'd work on making the drums more distinct and clear. Great death metal drummers are a joy to watch. Can you write out the words? I can't understand them most of the time. That would give me a better way to see if the music is in sync with the piece. I like the change at 2:10 and personally, I would make the part leading up to it much shorter.

Spectrephonic 2011-04-17 15:30

These are the lyrics, I think it will clarify our intention and viewpoint

"Outside the Universe"

It is all matter and energy that exists.
The stars at the far end,
progressively dimmer,
progressively blurred.

Empty spaces,
a vast number of empty spaces.
In which nothing would seem to happen
for lightyears and beyond - the great stillnes.

Beautifully curved lines
and sheets of light
make up all the galaxies
of epoch's ago
Monstrous spiraling arms
swirling in and out
as we try to speed up light

Exploding clusters of stars
of which some develop into dense eternal blackness
Then devouring others

From quantum uncertainties
to massive relativistic bodies
Are we trying to chase/catch the infinite?
Or will it reach its equilibrium?
At which everything will break down again,
into this tiny dot of unbearable bright light.

Inspired by Assimov's essay 'What Is the Universe?'

jfrichards 2011-04-17 16:08

Wow, great words. Taking on one of the big questions of our time. Nice. I would sidechain a few of the deepest lines so they can be heard clearly.

By the way, it is turning out that our concept of "empty space" is not right. What they call dark matter and dark energy, meaning only that we don't have the tools to see and measure them, permeate the vastness of space and greatly determine what is going on in the universe.

Spectrephonic 2011-04-18 10:22

Our complete discography is about this subject and the significance of human beeings.

Upcoming album is about it as well and is also an concept album.

So we're on a whole different level than most metal acts, not only with lyrics and concepts, but also musically (I think).

vaXzine 2011-04-18 11:10

a little more 666..
send the vox into the abyss..
make the break come sooner.. (and cosmically evil'er)
u know what you're doing..
spend more time listening with the mix..
great band name..

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