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RespectedPuddle 2011-06-22 03:26

I want to make a song like this!
Can this be done in reason? Would i need record or recycle to make the kinds of effects in this song? This may very well be an obvious question, but i don't know much about making music so i am kind of unsure.


mavafa 2011-06-22 11:17

Is this song a remix? Of What! It sounds like a bunch of samples well glued together with effects. Depending on your understanding of song structure, Record/Reason can make sounds that only you could imagine.

UberJimm 2011-06-22 14:39

Something like Ableton might be better suited to help ya make somthing like this. The track you posted a link for seemz to be more of a DJ-influenced track, meaning several different samples looped & spliced together.... az opposed to somebody physically playing and/or programming each part into a DAW sequencer & mixing it all together.

Sure, you could do stuff like this in Record, (eventually). but R+R are more for the musician-minded crowd, which I know soundz really arrogant & condescending of me. And I don't mean it that way at all. Cuz this track iz definitely still very musical in nature. Nor do intend to imply that DJ's aren't musicians or "artists" in therir own right. It'z just that Record & Reason contain instruments (albeit virtual ones), and other music-making toolz. Where you would be making the song from scratch (no pun intended!) uzing the toolz available within the software.

Ya might wanna look into Ableton, or NI Traktor, or some other more DJ-oriented software, az opposed to R+R. Cuz R+R might be a bit more than you'd need. Not saying that R+R would be beyond your ability. Just that ya might get to your destination faster with something more streamlined & designed for what you're looking to accomplish.

Just a thought. Regardless....... good luck in your search, M8!



mbain 2011-06-22 19:49

Like the user before me said, Reason is awesome for composing your own music, and even making music that is mainly your own composition (melody, strucure, harmony, etc) but utilizing loops as drums, percussion and other rhythm loops. For DJing and stringing together loops, etc., you could probably find something free, or go with the new limited version of Reason that's coming soon.

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