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2011-07-19 18:57

Rewiring audio input
So I have reason 5 and adobe audition.

Currently I'm using ASIO4ALL (to remove latency) line audio input 1 from the hardware interface, routing it through a splitter to make it stereo and then running it through a combinator filled with effects (my own virtual effects pedal :D) and then finally into the sampling input and also splitting it into the audio output (so I can hear my guitar in surround sound, since the sampling input is only stereo when monitoring).

What I'd like to do is be able to route this audio, after it going through the effects combinator I have set up, into adobe audition 3 using rewire (or some other method?), but I cannot find any way to do this. It seems there is no way for reason to accept audio inputs in slave mode (is that right?). I would really like the audio input to be processed in reason first before going into a multitrack, rather than having to sample it in one of the reason samplers, is there anyway at all I can do this (I can't afford record right now)?

Philup 2011-07-19 19:20

Apparently you cant afford reason either...

...To answer your question. You need to buy Record to accomplish what you are trying to do. Even then there are some work-arounds required.

Register you copy of reason while you are at it.

2011-07-19 19:26

I'm pretty sceptical that there is simply no way around that. Is there no way that reason can grab the audio input from adobe audition, route it through effects and then send it back again?

Philup 2011-07-19 19:45

There are other bits of software that may make this possible but you will sacrifice tons of latency. There are a lot of discussions on this in the User Forum.

rogerraa 2011-07-19 20:20

Guys I'm sure he's using the DEMO of reason..

( There is a record demo right ) Both are fully functional...
btw, record has the same lack of audio input when rewired..

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