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Fingar 2011-07-21 16:35

Propellerhead Midi Control-Keyboard
So Propellerhead (you guys) finally made some real hardware.

"Balance" looks like a really cool piece of hardware, hope it works out for you.

I also hope this means you are going to create more hardware in the future. Like for example you own controller interface for the "Kong Drum Designer" of course you there's a lot of drum pads on the marked. But you guys just only make hardware if the hardware out there doesn't work like you think it should, right?
I'm sure you can find something for your software to put on a pad of some kind.

You could of course place something like that on my following suggestion too. But I believe that may be too much. Maybe a sister-product of some kind?

A Propellerhead Midi Control-Keyboard

In Reason and Record, you use a lot of midi and Dr.Rex, Instruments laid out on your midi keyboard to play with your hands, feet or whatever.

However... Many... If not most of the sampled instruments doesn't stretch out all over the keyboard. So you often end up pressing the C-note while you transpose up and down on your keyboard to find some life-sign from the sample you want to play. It's no big deal... Really.
But what if you could use that "problem" to make a new product?
(I'm starting to sound like your promotion guy..)

Listen... Why not make a Propellerhead Midi-Keyboard that looks like a normal one, just that when you activate an instrument, Reason/Record will analyze it and find out what keys on the keyboard that will have a sound or a function, and light up those keys on the keyboard. Now you can see just what keys that you actually can play on and ignore the rest.

Let's build on this concept! If you play on the keys that are marked, they turn.... Let's say orange, since thats your color. Not so useful, but fancy.

But hey, let's build on. Let's say you plugged your instrument to a arpeggiator. You play the notes, the notes light up orange. But the activated notes light up in.. Let's say blue. So... you see a blue note sweeping over the notes you play, representing the activated note.
Looks cool and may give you another idea of whats actually happening than the one you see on the screen.

Yeah... Talking about screen. Don't you hate when you are working with an instrument, routing along with effects and everything but the sound won't change. Hmmm... And then you find out you had the keyboard activated on another instrument on the sequencer-screen.
At least I've had a few face-palms because of this.

How about having a little display on the keyboard, receiving information about what instrument is activated for the keyboard. Telling you what patch the instrument is running. Maybe also giving you the possibility to change between both instruments and patches... Straight on your keyboard, if you of some reason have the keyboard far away or if it just simply makes it easier for you in some situations.

Hmmmm... what else...? Oh, yeah... This is a little more advanced, but I think it's a good idea. You of all people should of course know how the Reason Bass Guitar refill works. You have the note-keys... And you have effect-keys. The effect-keys doesn't give you a sound or anything, It just represents a function to work together with the sound from another note you're playing, right?

How about marking them in another way than the note keys. So you easily can see what are effect-keys and whats notes.

How's it goings so far? Getting ideas. Imaging activating the keyboard on an instrument from a song on Reason/Record that's done, pressing play and see all the notes being lit up on the keyboard.

So yeah, a Propellerhead Midi Control-Keyboard with creative lighting and/with Pad. You would have to change your software in some way to make it work in this way. But couldn't that be a step forward?

I don't have an idea of what kind of keyboard it should be. If it should be 25 keys or 88.... Weighted or not... Thats up to you. Think also that people have made creative lighting midi keyboards before... But not like this..?

People should just keep building on this and/or ask questions. I may have more crazy ideas. Maybe I can come up with a design too if people are getting interested.

Thanks for reading

Philup 2011-07-21 17:03


How about having a little display on the keyboard, receiving information about what instrument is activated for the keyboard.
My Axiom already does that.

I think it would be cool of there were a Keyboard with a 7"-10" multi-touch window built into it that would load the graphical overlay of the synth/effect you have selected. i.e. click on a Thor in the Midi Lane, a Thor loads into the Keyboard Multi touch window ready to be manipulated.

I am honestly not a big fan of the "Dancing Keys" concept. But I can see where having Key Zones being lit up would be helpful.

Fingar 2011-07-21 17:24


Originally Posted by Philup (Post 894569)
I am honestly not a big fan of the "Dancing Keys" concept. But I can see where having Key Zones being lit up would be helpful.

Well yeah... You should have some options for the keyboard. Like for example
being able to turn the whole lighting off easily. Or changing colors. The keyboard should also be able to give different light-intensities out from velocity-levels.

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