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dreampolice 2011-08-20 17:41

Track I am working on for a video game, would love some feedback
For this track please listen through at least 2:50 as the track evolves over time and I bring in strings. Also I think this is the type track where Reason really shines, I literally built every sound from scratch in Reason, even the huge drums I modeled in Kong. Every synth patch I made, of course the strings are from miroslav but other than that, it is 100% me. The track is based around one drone bass line, imagine playing like Doom to this ha ha let me know what you think.

Also, since I usually produce hip-hop and electronic music, I don't consider myself all that good with strings, so if you guys could really pick this apart and let me know where I failed that would rock. Thanks!

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SoulElemental 2011-08-20 18:11

Great track! Very deep and interesting. If the strings are the concern and or focus of ur question I would say that POWER is the dominant force for this track and the strings fall a bit short of power. All the elements in this track prove to be dominant and powerful the strings kinda slip in the side door. If that is what u have intended for reasons of yer own its great as is. BUT, if the strings could conquer the track, I think you may be more pleased with em.

dreampolice 2011-08-20 18:22

yea, that's great advice and that may be just a mix thing. Let me play with that. Thanks for listening!

JacobCallaghan 2011-08-21 01:21

i love it but i agree the strings are a little weak but the track is sick!

dreampolice 2011-08-21 02:38

Ok here you go with new strings, what do you think about this version?

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JacobCallaghan 2011-08-21 04:02

Solid i think! you got a real good track here!

SoulElemental 2011-08-21 06:15

I gotta fever! And the only more cowbell! Im feelin the strings, but the intesity doesnt match. I enjoy the work you do, to the fullest. But if there is any way, maybe automating the compressor, I need more. They are still sitting background to an epic track. Strings are super mood makers. They drive emotion, but these the way they are just create a sustain. Im just gonna put it out there, drive those strings my man! Im gonna take a good look at this situation, and remember this, to introduce it to my tracks. The best advice is hard advice right?

dreampolice 2011-08-21 06:33

Do you mean drive them with say scream or make the string arrangement faster?

and I will work on the cowbell! ha ha

JacobCallaghan 2011-08-21 06:39

I like the strings the way they are! But it couldnt hurt to make them more driving!

SoulElemental 2011-08-21 16:46

The bass strings are dope, the violin, can u articulate the velocities to emphasis the strong notes? Kinda play with the feeling thru strength. This is awesome tho, Im totally learning myself. I have a track open I'm working on now and I was playing with the velocity and noticed how much more strong the note sounds before and after. Who are u gonna send this to? It should be the title track of some future war game thats for damn sure!

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