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nickster 2011-09-21 00:31

Synth Basics 2
Following on the interest in Synth Basics & Synth Basics+ tutorial apps for both the iphone & ipad respectively, we have now produced Synth Basics 2 for the ipad (iPhone app to follow shortly).
Synth Basics 2 delves further in how Synths work using Thor as our example instrument. We also cover some basic sound design and performance techniques. Hopefully making it easier for you to eventually build your own patch masterpieces.
You can check out Synth Basics 2 here

Or you can just do a search for Synth Basics 2 in iTunes.

For those of you who have already bought Synth Basics or Synth Basics+ a massive thank you from Lone Tree Music.
We shall be creating further tutorials in this format in the near future but for now we are taking a short pause. This is because we are due to officially release what we hope will be a useful product for the Reason community. News to follow as soon as possible.
Wishing you all the very best.

n0ahg 2011-09-21 00:32

Any chance of an Android version?

nickster 2011-09-21 01:32

I have been talking to the developer about an android version and at the moment we are certainly open to the idea but have no firm plans as of yet as to if and when we will do this. Thanks for asking though and reminding me of this option.

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