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lavoisin 2011-09-24 18:00

Strange memory issue with large files

I got stuck with a strange memory issue with Reason 5 that's beyond my understanding :-(

This summer i did a lot of field recordings to use in my ambient works. Usually, each recorded file is a large (80-100 Mb) 10 minute in lenght stereo 44100/24 bit .wav file.

I can easily load up to 3 files like those in NN-XT samplers (3 x 100 Mb each) and Reason can handle it without problems. But then my problem starts...

In case that i don't like how my field recordings suit my track, i remove all these large files ("Remove Samples" in NN-XT) and save my Reason .rns project file. ATTENTION PLEASE: no one of these large files are self-contained now or in "Unassigned samples" section. I have .rns file with 40-60Mb of self-contained samples (strings, drum samples or something like this). Not so large i think...

So, next time i open this .rns file and trying to load in NN-XT another large field recordings sample i get warning window with message "Out of memory. The operation could not be completed because not enough memory is avaliable". What is this? Ok, i do system reboot but again the same!

What's wrong? I don't know... first time i'm able to load 3 large samples at once, but then, when i remove them, next time i can't load any of large samples in NN-XT (all this happens in the same .rns file)... why?

It seems that even i removed them from NN-XT samplers, even if they're not present in self-contained samples or under "Unassigned samples" they are still in memory :-(

Just want to say that i don't have any viruses (did a lot of virus scans) and i have at least 150Gb of free space on all of my HDDs, i have 4 Gb of RAM and diagnostic program shows me that at least 2Gb (or even more) of RAM is free when Reason running. Also, i think that i have a lot of virtual memory (total of approx. 9Gb page files). I'm using Windows XP (SP3).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Help me please to get an answer...

facher83 2011-09-24 18:42

Reason won't touch virtual memory, so don't concern yourself with your hard drive space at all.

Can you look at your task list (alt+cntrl+del) and see how much RAM Reason is /actually/ using? In Reason 32-bit, you'll start having issues when you hit 1.5 gigs or so...

Assuming you're running only Reason, and you are roughly just over 2 gigs free, you might be at that 32-bit Reason limit??

EpiGenetik 2011-09-24 21:50


I don't know how much good this will do, but it's generally a good idea anyway.

Do an Explorer search for ".cachemanager". Then set the window view to details, and file it by date. Delete everything that is older than the last time you booted your machine.

If you're feeling adventurous, do this again with the entire Temp folder.

This should certainly be good for system performance in general, but you may have a physical memory issue. To check this, go here and download/install this little program. This will tell you if there is a physical RAM issue.

Still no joy after this, please come back here and let us know.

Many thanks

lavoisin 2011-09-24 21:56


Originally Posted by facher83 (Post 926878)
Can you look at your task list (alt+cntrl+del) and see how much RAM Reason is /actually/ using? In Reason 32-bit, you'll start having issues when you hit 1.5 gigs or so...

Yes, i've checked task list and it shows me that Reason using for about 937Mb of memory when running my .rns file without my large field recordings... so, i have at least 400Mb (it's roughly) of memory free space but anyway, this .rns file doesn't allow me to load additional (for example) 100Mb sample file :-(

I don't understand what's wrong in my situation...

1) Imagine, that i have for example 500Mb already used memory by Reason ... then i load 2 wav files, each 120Mb. We have 240Mb used by these files + 500Mb = 740Mb used now.

2) Then i remove these 2 files from Reason, so we have 740mb - 240Mb = 500Mb now used.

3) Now i load again these 2 files, 500Mb +240Mb again = but now i have "Out of Memory" message...
Why this happens?

SuperDuperDopamine 2011-09-25 08:03

I don't think this is your solution. But when you save, did you try the Save and Optimize feature?

I know it ditches unused audio takes, it might also clear unused audio samples from your sampler, but I can't say that for sure.

Even though you are removing the files from the NNXT, perhaps they are still stored and eating up RAM.

**Actually, that is only if you have Record** :D

If you have just Reason, I would try this to narrow down the issues.

After you make your NNXT the way you like it, before you load any samples into the NNXT, duplicate it a few times.

After you add and remove from your first NNXT, save the song.

Open the song back up, delete the initial NNXT, and try loading the samples into one of those duplicates you made. See if deleting the first NNXT also clears up some RAM.

jim09 2012-11-04 01:10

i am running vista sp3 and my song just crashed that i had been working on for a week,i saved file and tried to relaunch reason but now this song wont open and has the error out of memory?.i have 32 bit vista 4 gig ram.6.0 athlon cpu.reason 6.5 help i dont wanna loose this song.

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