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cybersniper 2011-10-07 02:29

cant register record 1.5 for reason owners
i installed the included reason 5 (it unistalls my reason 4) then tried to register no code . i installed record1.5 inserted ignition key and have online tried the authorize program it doesnt ever recognize the ignition key , i tried to register the record and i cant because defective ignition key cant register program worthless waste of money no tech sup[port can fix no way to talk to human to manually enter codes no help complete waste of time / money

clarktw 2011-10-07 02:46

Register your products first: ; get some icons by your username and that guarantees you technical support ; rephrase your Post #1 and maybe we can help out.

cybersniper 2011-10-07 07:39

tried that got icons but it still wont recognize my ignition key (2 differnet installations on different computers) and cant use reason 5 as record 1.5 has no separate registration code for reason 5 . and it wont get past registration screen even though i registered it on this computer and it shows as internet registered in my products . record 1.51 worthless now as only works with reason 5 or above so nothing usable just wasted time and money no support phone number , i had no problems komplete8 and i lok so i got defective ignition key , cant return past date bought at ams . also no coupon etc or way to get the promised upgrade to reason 6 that was the promotion when i bought this i cannot and wil not recomend proppelerhead products. problems like this require a human being at tech support over the phone to fix .

n0ahg 2011-10-07 15:41

If you run authorizer does it detect your ignition key?

You post is very hard to read :-(

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