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sirsedric 2011-10-12 19:33

New to Reason, looking to expand your synth library? Pay What You Want!
If you're new to Reason, you may not yet be a synth-programming master... or even close! There's a lot to learn about Reason's devices... and lots of sounds you may be missing...It's all good, SampleFiends has got you covered!

Synth Nation is a huge library of synth patches for Reason's included synth devices. You'll find Subtractor, Malstrom and Thor patches, as well as a corresponding Combinator with all the bells and whistles for each patch!

Plus, until the end of October, you Pay What You Want for Synth Nation!
Minimum is $4, that's 90% off the original price, what's it worth to you?

There are over 1000 all-original patches, all internally programmed in Reason's included synth devices, and all geared towards hip-hop, rap, trap, techno, electro, dustup, house and any other kinds of urban and electronic dance music. Any genre that can use huge basses, ripping leads and mids, powerful stacked synths and analog-inspired rhythm synths… there's something for everyone's synthesizer tastes here.

Check out these demo tracks! Every synth sound is from Synth Nation with no external effects!
A little sampling of some of the sounds you'll hear in this awesome Synth Refill with a backing drum track made from Slum Drums!

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Head over to our site and check 'em out!

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