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Aiden 2011-10-16 21:14

Reason 6 started working ok after a night of computer too slow to play song
Got Reason 6 upgrade yesterday and installed it last night. On install complete I rebooted and the computer blue screened whilst booting. I duly switched off and after a while on again. Ran Reason and loaded the default demo song. Got the Computer Too Slow To Play Song message about half way through and was worried as I've seen the threads with people who have problems. Ran a couple of songs I'd completed in Record 1.5/Reason 5 and they wouldn't play. No way - tried a few different settings but nothing worked. Well disappointed and figured I was one of the unlucky ones. Went to bed feeling a bit miffed but looking on the bright side that at least I had the new sound banks and planning to go back to Record / Reason. Turned PC on today and thought I'd try again before taking the inevitable step of going back to Record & Reason. Loaded a few tunes including ones that wouldn't play yesterday and I'm back in business. noticed a few crackles at first but they've gone and I'm running task manager and watching performance not go over 60%. TFFT can now go and play with my new toys. Hopefully that's the end of my problems now but commiserations to everyone else who's still struggling.


DJDoctor 2011-10-16 21:58

Im not trying to be a negative Nancy here, but got a BSOD on BOOTUP? After an installation of a program......

Then it doesnt work....then miraculously works the next day and.....youre happy with that??

That whole scenario is something, on paper and hopefully youll understand what Im saying here, but its not a scenario Id want within 100 miles of my studio. A BSOD after installing something is simply wacktastic. When it works better, and for no other good reason besides some kind of magic and seeming luck, the next day...that is also something that simply does not fit into a professionals endeavor. It in fact thwarts it.

This is all coming from my side of things = Im still on the fence about buying the program. And to be dead honest, I mean on the fence THIS month. Ill certainly be buying, Im quite sure, after there is an update.

I suppose my main point is just "Wow" ~ those are kinda some funky issues. IMHO, Reason 4 was one of the best coded little bits of software Ive ever ever seen. So I know how stable and solid Props wares are. Again, I can just say "Wow".

I just know that if I had a BSOD after install of an expensive program I was planning on using in a professional setting, Ide never rest till I found out WTH was the reason for that to have happened. MY heart would sink as well as a bit of love for Props, and I just dont want that to happen, haha.

Obviously...there are issues with this release. If anyone has seen a direct reply from Props regarding all of the issues present in the launch version, which are many, plz direct me to that link if ya can. Im sure it will get sorted at some time, but I think we can all admit theres issues.

Aiden 2011-10-16 22:29

etc etc
Yes I got a BSOD on bootup after installing. The PC was then turned off and left for maybe 2 minutes before again booting.....then came the problems. Today it seemed to work fine and if it works fine then hey great I'm happy and if that's not professional of me then please feel free to slate me for not spending the rest of my life debugging someone else's software and my own computer's configuration.

Fact is sitting here now just over an hour later the problems have returned so it's obvious to anyone with half a brain (including me) that there are serious issues with this release and it doesn't seem that there are any announcements anywhere from the Props about this. There are posts from Beta testers saying that they were experiencing the exact same thing during beta testing which suggests this was a known problem and yet the software was still released, but I guess if you only paid 1$ for it (I didn't it was a free upgrade) you haven't really got much to complain about.

Bottom line is I'd seriously advise anyone thinking of upgrading to wait until the next update when this will surely be sorted.

0miky 2011-10-17 05:21

Try defragging your drive. I had the same problem, and that solved it for me.

gwynebiau 2011-10-17 11:54

A bluescreen while *booting* windows is to be sure not a good sign, particularly in a production environment, but it can not be caused by Reason as it would not be running at that point. The ultimate failure in a case like this is a failure by microsoft, not Propellerhead.

It is possible that the software which handles the USB key starts then and that windows's failure to handle something it did causes the bluescreen, but that software is separate from Reason. Even if you want to take all responsibility off of microsoft's shoulders, one crash precipitated by the installation of that little program should not be enough to make you mistrust Reason.

I have used a lot of professional software of several different types. Various kinds of 2D and 3D graphics, modeling and animation software, professional photo, video and audio software from a number of different companies, etc. and with the exception of the Linux/Unix server software that much of the internet runs on (including my sites) I can't think of anything that I've been more consistently impressed with the quality and performance of than Reason.

I'm sure that some people are having problems right now, especially on PCs where the type, quality and configuration of components varies much more widely, but that happens with practically all new software. There was a public beta that seems to have been pretty easy to get in on, and I'm sure that they didn't intentionally ignore any serious bugs that were brought up during that process. People who didn't participate can bring them up now, and I'm sure that if the flaw is in Reason, it will be fixed. In many cases though, the problems that people are having probably have more to do with their specific hardware configurations or conflicts with/flaws in other software.

Disk fragmentation, mentioned by the last poster, for example. That is something that's difficult to avoid completely, but the fact that it is bad enough to interfere with the normal operation of the computer basically comes down to three things; the speed of the hard drive (the faster it can find the information it needs to read, the less fragmentation hurts performance), the filesystem (almost certainly NTFS or maybe some kind of FAT, all microsoft filesystems, none of which are known for their low file fragmentation, to put it kindly), and the operating system, again from microsoft, which can also play a role in creating and/or fixing fragmentation. None of that is at all under the control of Propellerhead or any other software company.

I don't know if the subsequent performance problems in this case were Reason's fault, or if there was something else going on, but the only time I've had performance problems with Reason 6 was when I set the sample rate to 96k and forgot about it. That gave me some performance problems on my 4 year old laptop, but as soon as I set it back to 48k everything was fine again. I don't know if that or something similar was going on here, but it was probably not some mysterious inexplicable magic at work. ;)

I know there are plenty of people saying worse things about the software, and I could have gone and yelled at them or somethin', but I hope that the people reading this thread will be a little more reasonable and really think about the issue before deciding that Propellerhead doesn't care or doesn't know what they're doing. No they're not perfect, but they're pretty damned good, and if you want to place blame, you should try to partition it out appropriately. :)

Aiden 2011-10-17 12:31

Cheers guys I'll be trying some more tonight. It would be good to get to a place where I know what's causing it but to be honest I'm not anticipating being that successful and may just bite the bullet and go back to Record 1.5 & Reason 5 at least for the time being.

BIOBREATH 2011-11-10 23:08

same problem except getting worse. please someone help!! is it my processor ? thank you

drdk 2011-11-10 23:32


I had lots of troubles installing Balance - BSOD 3 times.
I sometimes have no power to balance on bootup - my usb ports sometimes seem to turn themselves off (I have been into device manager and disabled windows power management of the usb ports).
So when I unplug balance and plug back into the same or different usb port - BSOD.
If I turn off the computer and replug balance - on bootup - BSOD!

This goes on and on!


SteveDiverse 2011-11-10 23:41

I agree with gwenebiau that reason would not be running on reboot and is likely not the culprit. I'd say it's MS because BSOD is an OS failure... but it could have been caused by anything that was going on on your computer since the previous boot-up and/or any of the programs that are set to starup on login, like instant messaging. any app that offers option to start at boot or not i always set to not start automatically - and the ones that stay running after you close them, i always force them to exit when i am done.

Defrag, scan for viruses, and I like a (free) program called CCleaner which will check your registry for issues and fix them. it has option to back registry before it makes changes.

"Too slow to play song" is mostly a combination of processor and memory. run task manager to watch CPU and in the process window, click on the CPU usage column so it sorts high-to-low, that will put the most cpu intensive app on top. sometimes you have something running you don't know about that chews up cpu... like background virus scans, auto update downloads, indexing for search (which i have permanently turned off).

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