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rexbiesty 2011-10-20 10:53

Selling Reason 6 and Recycle 2.1

I'm selling my copies of Reason 6 and Recycle 2.1 if anyone is interested. Thought I'd try here before incurring rip-off Ebay charges. I basically just dont use them anymore and want the money to help buy Maschine.

Reason 6 includes boxed copies of Reason upgraded from 2.5 to 5, Record for Reason owners, Reason 6 downloaded upgrade, and the Ignition key. I'm also including the following bought refills

- Zero-G Creative Essentials for Reason (3xCD)
- Lapjockey Flatpack2 (CD)
- Reasonbanks Virology (download)
- Sonic Reality Retro Keys/Vocal Textures/Mello-T(download)

I'm looking for £200 but would take slightly less without the refills if you dont want them. Would prefer delivering to UK only.

Recycle 2.1 is a boxed upgrade from 1.6 (which is also included) and I'm after £80 for that.

Anyone interested please email me biestyboy at hotmail dot com


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