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Anomecron 2011-10-26 01:06

Sound Magic - Spectral Effects (Michael Norris)

it's easier if I show people the effects in question and they can listen to the audio examples on the lower portion of the page to see/hear what they do.

A real time spectral processing tool or tools (done Propellerheads style) that can achieve similar results like the above. I really enjoy what these can do to audio and there would be lots of creative uses for such devices in Reason 6. I love Reason 6 so much I'd rather not be relying on 3rd party software to achieve some of these sound design tricks and could put them to good use with the slice outs on Octorex, or drum outputs on Kong, Redrum or alt outs on the NNXT.

Effects in question - Spectral Averaging • Spectral Bin Shift • Spectral Blurring • Spectral DroneMaker • Spectral Emergence • Spectral Filterbank • Spectral Freezing • Spectral Gate and Hold • Spectral Gliding Filters • Spectral Granulation • Spectral Harmonizer • Spectral Partial Glide • Spectral Pitch Shift • Spectral Pulsing • Spectral Shimmer • Spectral Shuffle • Spectral Stretch • Spectral Tracing • Spectral Weave • Chorus • Comb Filter Bank • Grain Streamer • Idee Fixer • Mr Filterbank

Have a look at the page and listen to some of the examples.

Great stuff indeed.

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