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Aiden 2011-10-29 11:02

performance problems sorted.
I previously reported that I had serious performance problems that now seem to be sorted so it's only right that I report that too.

Machine is a quad core AMD XP box with 2 GB RAM, M-Audio FW410. Record / R5 ran perfectly. I installed R6 and experienced severe performance problems to the extent it was basically unusable. However I had left Record and R5 on the computer and so uninstalled each and also R6, rebooting between uninstalls and then manually going in and wiping out all traces. After reinstalling R6 I still experienced performance issues but not on the same scale as before and after a period of what I can only describe as "bedding in" my performance is very usable - feels like only a few percent off what I was getting with Record & R5. Happy days.

Lastly if anyone in the same boat isn't already aware the Props are now looking into this.


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