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charlycharlzz 2011-11-12 03:32

??? Combinator Skins ???
How can I make a personalise skin for my combinator ???

redalien 2011-11-12 05:16

quick search on Google and I think this is what you are looking for

redalien 2011-11-12 05:23

Found this online, but I cant seem to locate this path on my installation, maybe you can

1. Go to Reason/Template Documents/Combi Backdrops
- in this directory will be a Readme file with directions, a Photoshop template and a JPEG template.

2. Edit one of the templates and save it somewhere else.

3. Create a Combinator with a custom patch in Reason. (I made a Five Meter Grand Piano modified with a sweet delay).

4. With the Combinator selected, choose "Select Backdrop" from the Edit menu.

5. Select your custom template.

6. Save the Combinator patch with a new name.

after a little more research, I am stuck with making music so I guess trolling the web is in session

redalien 2011-11-12 06:58

I wonder why I don't have those templates with my install.

charlycharlzz 2011-11-12 16:15

cool thank; yes yep any jpeg with the right size can be imported I did my skins for combinator with (photophiltre studio x) but any prog photoshop ect work fine coll man !

Kryckk 2012-07-29 11:29

I cant seem to find the template documents in my reason 6.5 install/update. I saw this after watching the MPV video...

Is it still there with the latest Reason??

MayorMcCheese 2012-07-29 13:17


Originally Posted by Kryckk (Post 1106763)
I cant seem to find the template documents...

The Templates Documents seems to have disappeared from R6. I had saved the file out of my R5 folder because it was not in the R6 folder when I installed.

Anyway, if anyone wants the Backdrops folder (3.71 MB), I uploaded it to Dropbox awhile back and here it is: .

altron 2012-08-01 12:07

5 Attachment(s)
Here are a couple of CB backdrops I made over the course of my Photoshop career...

Riverrat 2012-08-26 17:54

Thanks a lot, it was driving me crazy.

JiggeryPokery 2012-08-26 18:32

It's highly likely current Combi skins will be if not totally redundant, then largely redundant in a couple of years, hence why they have been quietly retired from recent Reason versions. While perhaps frustrating now to new skin-makers, this actually bodes well - perhaps there will be a new version of the Combinator, or the existing version will require a higher-res templates that will be provided when required.

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