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andywyte 2011-11-18 20:16

Reason 6 takes forever to load
Hi all,

Just got the Reason 6 upgrade (and have patched it to 6.0.1). I'm running Win7 64-bit, and my sound card is a Creative Labs SB X-Fi card, and am of course using the Creative ASIO driver (which works great for everything else, like Sonar X1, Vegas 8)

When I start up Reason, it takes approximately 10 minutes for it all to load. The PC I'm on is about a year old, and has 8 GB of RAM. I've tried switching Reason's audio drivers from the Creative ASIO to ASIO4ALL V2, and the only difference is that, when using ASIO4ALL, it probably takes an extra 2-3 minutes to load.

Is anyone else experiencing this? What can I do? Everything else audio-related on my system runs like smooth butter. What's the deal?

EDIT: Answered, sort of. It's a network issue, see below.

SteveDiverse 2011-11-18 22:53

My specs are in my signature and when I open R6 i get the logo page in about 2 seconds and the dialogue box to run demo|internet|insert-key in about 6 seconds. with key in at startup i get the browser in about 7 seconds. so 10 minutes is crazy.

do you have it set to open last song? if you do, try disabling that or having a simple template be last song to see if it is R6 or the song that's taking time.

If not, or if that doesn't work, try these 2 tests:

(1) close all applications
open task manager
select processes tab
select CPU usage so it is set to sort usage high-to-low
open reason
watch to see if/when reason comes to the top and how much CPU it takes - or see what is in the top spot

(2) close all applications
open task manager
monitor CPU and MEMORY
start reason

when i open reason, memory usage goes up 500MB, when i open Baguettes (because it used to stop running on R5, same computer) it takes up another 500MB. reason + playing demo uses about 1-3% CPU - not much at all.

otherwise, try downloading the full version of 6.0.1 and reinstalling. maybe there's an issue patching the disk install.

SidMercutio 2011-11-19 06:17

If you have an anti virus program running, disable it before you start Reason. Once you start, see if its slow to load or do anything abnormally. I've discovered that Kaspersky anti-virus is a bastard when working Reason at the same time.

DJDoctor 2011-11-19 08:12

Reason 6 seems to perform a SHIT-TON worse than Reason 4 or 5.

Its my opinion that Props might have seriously missed out on a large contingent of highly professional musicians and consumers since the product, Reason, has sadly proven itself to be on a downward slope since their ultra-fine product of Reason 4.

Im sorry if you, the reader, are not really aware how many studios were ready and waiting to install Reason 6 ~ and the only reason they havent yet, is because they're well aware of all the reviews for Reason 6 and wisely havent jumped on yet.

Anyone who has been with Reason for even 2 years completely knows that performance of Reason 6 is FAR from where it should be compared to previous versions.

DJDoctor 2011-11-19 08:22

How about you guys spend a little less on your promo videos.....Like the one for "Blocks".....

To any professional user, your video for "Blocks" was totally an idea they already had and ALREADY implemented using COLORS and Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V.

So....great idea with Blocks, but all it did was make your program slower since it seems you werent willing to pay programmers to properly clean things up after you added Kong and OctoRex.

Good Job.

Go ahead and disagree with me = anyone. You cant. They added like 3 major things to Reason 5, and the devices arent even major, slightly cleaned up the GUI was WAAYYYY slower than Reason 4.

I suppose some of you forum experts can explain what happened there. The only reason I care two cents about all this is that I know, Industry-Wise, how poised Propellerheads was to be in the top few DAW's on the market.

scifunk 2011-11-19 10:06

A tad harsh.

I find Reason 5 and Record just about perfect for dance music and I DON'T use loops. I get complimented on my mixes from mastering engineers. Although I have paid for R6 I've not downloaded it as I'm not confident in its stability just yet, plus it doesn't really have anything I need.

I do find blocks a perculiar feature, as we've been using 'blocks' since the Atari. I'm quite capable of hilighting a segment of music and copying it.

DAWs will always be horses for courses and I'm more than happy with what I use at present.

andywyte 2011-11-23 16:21

Alright, just an update to anyone reading this; the issue, it seems, is directly caused by my network connection.

I use Reason at work, and our network has a lot of restrictions on it. Various applications that I use will try to access their own port for a connection, only to be locked out by our sysadmin. The only port that's pretty much always free is the 880/or whatever the HTTP port is.

I've tried a couple things once I realized this. Starting R6 up with the ethernet cable unplugged took far less time. Starting R6 up when I was "off our network" (something that can be done, but only temporarily) booted up even faster.

Now, I ask you all... I'm using the Ignition key that has a R6 authorization on it (I've verified). Why then does R6 feel the need to still have a network connection? I thought it was an either/or situation, as in, you either have the Ignition key in (and authorized) or you have a direct network connection to your account. What's the deal?

rlubeck 2011-11-23 16:41

I always find people like djdoctor with zero registered products coming on the forum to bash a product pretty funny but this guy is truely being an idiot.
"Well aware of the reviews around..."?
The reviews for Reason 6 are outstanding, getting 10/10 from Computer Music is just one example.

Reason 6 loads up in mere seconds and if it doesn't for you, it's a problem on your side.

Andy, I've tested this after reading your post (because that's the first time I'm hearing about it).
First I set my firewall to block all traffic and later with my ethernet cable disconnected.
Both times R6 boots up fine with the ignitionkey inserted, no delays, no warnings, it just works.

tintala 2011-11-23 16:45

I have Reason 6, but haven't installed it yet, this is not good news, I have some major plans for r-6............

yokayo9121 2011-11-23 19:04

About like 12 seconds to load from clicking like on the not exactly tardy? no SSDs or any like clever stuff,like nothing else altered,or maybe its because I'm like not one of the like highly professional users,or even a like ordinary professional users like jus sayin...and shouldn't he like register?
What a "reasoned"analysis of Props "probs" fact they are probably stocking up on the cyanide and Kool Aid even as I write..Crikey,what a pickle they're in??

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