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mdmesadie 2011-11-23 21:06

Four requests
No, not VST support, not MIDI out, instead my top three requests for Reason are much humbler.

1) Group. This can be as simple as a macro that takes the selected channels, adds a mixer connects them to it then sends the result up to a single strip in the main SSL mixer. Of course I'd much rather have it all fold on the main SSL Mixer, but I'll settle for just automating the process with a normal mixer too.

2) Master Strip. I just want one strip in the SSL Mixer to be used as a master control, offering all the sends, inserts, eq, hi/lo pass etc of a standard strip. Otherwise applying a "mastering" solution in Reason is prohibitively complex. Applying a tiny bit of finesse to the overall sound is just not worth it right now.

3) Flextime. I want to be able to do this non-destructively (i.e. without using the knife then having to drag both clips around) just place markers on audio at any point in the audio and drag them in order to stretch the audio. Same as in Live, Logic, ProTools etc. This would help make edits so very much simpler, and if it doesn't work out it's easy to remove the marker and go back to the previous state.

4) Beat/Transient detection (and maybe quantizing of markers). Combined with 3 this would help us to quickly fix timings on audio on the fly.

I don't think these requests would involves too much work, in fact really they're all just macro script ideas apart from the beat/transient detection (which is trivial). But they'd all help workflow a lot, so I really hope the Props will give them some thought.

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