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ProfessaKaos 2011-12-21 05:14

Elastic Audio
I know it's been mentioned many times before but I really want/need something like Elastic with in Reason. Here's a video showing just how easy it is to use within Pro Tools.

The current work around in Reason is a lot more time consuming, not quite as precise and can sometimes lead to clicks and pops from the waveform being cut off or not lining up flush. If this was implemented it would be a dream come true.

helmutson 2011-12-21 09:13

yes , it should work as in logic9 or live8 - that would be mucho better !
I believe the propellerheads will improve that ! :)

JiggeryPokery 2011-12-21 11:04

Me likey.

Damn you, Pro Tools! Damn you! :)

Kovkov 2011-12-21 13:49

The much better option is to play the stuff in time in the first place ;)

MusicIsMyReason 2011-12-21 14:51


Originally Posted by Kovkov (Post 975687)
The much better option is to play the stuff in time in the first place ;)

True, but sometimes that is not the case. I remember a session I had where we were pressed for time and everyone put in a decent performance except for the guitarist. Having a feature like that would of save d time and the song faster.

selig 2011-12-21 16:54


Originally Posted by Kovkov (Post 975687)
The much better option is to play the stuff in time in the first place ;)

That's a very "non-real-world" response (but I DO see the smiley)! In MY world, I do much of this type of editing manually, but STILL use elastic audio much of the time because it's so darn quick and easy! It's great having this option (from a production standpoint), and there's many things that are possible like turning a straight beat into a shuffle, or aligning background vocals with the lead (especially for the ends of notes) for 'super-tight' vocal sounds.

But for the "budget" projects, it's a REAL winner IMO. For example, how do you tell a drummer who's in the studio for the first time to just "play it in time in the first place"? This is assuming you can't fire the drummer! You get the best take(s) you can, comp them into one master take, and then you either go in by hand if the budget allows, or you hit "quantize' and move on!

In the real world, this type of stuff needs to happen all the time. In fantasy world, singers get perfect vocals in one take, drummers make drum machines look 'loose', and you never need to EQ or compress any tracks because they are all perfect as played! ;-)

This is one area where I'd come one step closer to ditching Pro Tools for Reason (for production work) if this was available (grouping is another). I've already ditched Pro Tools for Reason for composition work! :-)

Hessel123 2011-12-21 23:34

I agree! I still doe heavy audio editing in protools because of this.

it's not because reason's engine isn't good because it SOUNDS great but it needs to be elastic to be a good editor.

oldrich 2011-12-22 00:52

Yes please!!!!

capsadmin 2011-12-22 02:12

Propellerhead have pretty much all of this tech, it's just separated. They could use recycle to scan the audio for automatic marking. The rest is pretty much changing the way you drag waveforms around in the sequencer.

From a programming perspective, it should be straight forward to implement since they already have recycle and stretching.

ProfessaKaos 2011-12-22 02:12

In my fantasy world Reason has this feature :-)
In the real world Reason doesn't :-(

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