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Hyperbox 2011-12-23 15:48

Combinator with Flexible MIDI Mapping
Congrats Propellerhead, after upgrading to Reason 6 I have almost completely ditched all of my other music software. Reason just works exceptionally with the way I organize music in my mind, and the amount of custom and crazy sounds you can make are mind boggling.


I create live sets inside of Reason. I use combinators to separate each "track" and map various parameters from the songs to their combi controls. The beauty of this is that I can use my MIDI controllers to switch between combinators, and the mapping for the controllers will automatically update depending on which combinator I have selected. Remote Override does not really work for me because I tend to modulate a large amount of parameters among all of my songs in a single live performance, including switching drum and matrix patterns.

One hurdle however is when I have more than 8 parameters to manipulate, I run out of space on the combinator and I have to start selecting devices within the combinator itself. This creates an inefficiency for me because now I am unable to play with multiple instruments at once like I can through the combinator, and I have to be very careful to ensure I have the right device selected while rapidly switching between devices to progress my songs. This gets challenging in a live environment, especially for people like me who avoid laying down much automation.


I have a proposal to make the combinator more flexible. I've seen a few other threads around here for adding new knobs and whatnot, but the problem is there are many different types of controllers out there, and limiting the parameters the combinator can manipulate to what is visible in the UI is too inflexible.

What I propose is this: flexible MIDI mapping. In the dropdown for mapping a combinator control to a device, add a new option called "Map MIDI". When you select this option, a dialog pops up that is similar to the Remote Override dialog, where Reason will automatically detect which MIDI command you are sending. After this point you can map it to device parameters just like the combinator controls. If this was available, I would never have to touch the individual devices inside of the combinator during performance, and my controller mappings would automatically update to whatever combinator I have selected.

I feel that there is high value in a feature like this. You would have to create very little new UI, and the development effort would be minimal in comparison to the massive amount of flexibility and power that this would provide to live controllerists such as myself :).

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy request. I know it's better to keep them short and sweet, but this feature would be so unbelievably powerful and it would solve the only problem I have with Reason right now.

Sterievo 2011-12-23 23:08

Firstly I agree, I would love to see extended capabilities within reason.

There are "creative" solutions possible to have more control. These solutions reside outside of Reason using a third party software such as midi-ox or midi transalator - I use midi-ox.
  • it is possible to create multiple "virtual" midi devices that can be directed to different combinators by sending different parameters on your controller to different virtual midi ports. You do require a controller with capacity in terms of physical controls
  • You can also multiply the midi messages across different midi channels that can then be allocated in the advanced midi bus.Via this method you can for example seperate your controller into 4 sections, send to 4 different virtual midi ports across 16 channels, whilst at the same time sending note on/off (or transposed, mapped, etc) messages to all or some of these channels
I have a Remote SL and have the 16 knobs and buttons mapped to 4 seperate midi ports and allocated across the advanced midi bus.With this method I can have up to 4 seperate combinators in series and control individually (perchannel/sound source).

Check Koshdukai's post for more information on this approach - http://koshdukaimusicreason.blogspot...orkaround.html. I also use mapping in Midi Ox which is going into a bit of depth within the program. I am happy to help if you have any questions.

Hyperbox 2011-12-24 01:24

Wow.. Sterievo, that is good info.. thanks :)

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