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mista808 2012-01-04 00:00

New Midi Keyboard + Reason = Quantizing notes is lowering volume and note length HELP
Ever since I gave my friend my older Radium 49 Midi Keyboard and got back my older Yamaha PSR-420 midi keyboard I've been having problems with Quantize on Reason.

I can record any instrument with my keyboard just fine. The notes sound great, the volume is normal, everything is good. But as soon as I take those notes and quantize them like I always do, and have... they suddenly become REALLY QUIET, and the length sounds like a stab note rather than holding the keys down for a duration. Why is it doing this?

This keyboard has sounds built into it, my last Radium 49 keyboard did not. Is there a setting or something on my keyboard itself that's causing this? Or is it something within Reason that's causing this? The Keyboard works perfectly with Fruity Loops 10. The note length holds, the volume holds, it's only affected with Reason.

It's extremely annoying (has prevented me from working with Reason since the day I got this keyboard hooked up) and I can't find anything on google or any other site where someone has some good info for me on this issue. I finally decided to come here and see if you guys could help me out?

Normally when I turn on Reason I have to hit the "Digital Effect" button on my piano for it to work. Otherwise when I hit a key the key is super delayed, or won't even play at all. Other than that, everything works perfectly until my notes are quantized. They go in the right location on the grid, but the volume and sustain suddenly don't exist!

Okay I think I explained as much as I could about my issue. :)

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