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Sudad007 2012-01-24 17:29

Connecting hardware-sampler under Win7 (64) with Recycle
Hi guys,

in the past I used an old Win 2000 System, Recycle 2.0, Cubase and an Adaptec 2904 SCSI Controller to connect my hardware samplers AKAI S-1100, Kurzweil K2000 and Emu E-6400 Ultra with my PC. The main duty is to truncate samples into slices - especially vocals and loops - and transmit them to my hardware samplers, where I could filter and modulate them very well and trigger them. Especially the filters of Kurzweil and Emu sound awsome.

Now I switched to a new PC System Win7 (64bit), Cubase 6 (32bit), Recycle 2.1 and Kontakt 5. What shall I say? The new Cubase 6 is fine and all works great........but.....the filters of my hardware samplers like Kurzweil K2000 and Emu 6400 sounds much better. So I need them really again for my work. I produce mostly house and club music and for that kind of music it is very important to trigger the vocals or loops and filter them with different kind of lowpass, bandpass and notch filters.

How could I connect my old hardware samplers now via SCSI with ReCycle 2.0 or 2.1 again at the new Win7 PC, to have all these old advantages of sound? The Kontakt 5 was no solution for me and disappointed me very much from sound and it was also not possible to import REX-Files from Recycle 2.1 succesfully. The sound of its filter section is very thin compared to Emu, Akai or Kurzweil. Another problem now is that Recycle 2.1 which runs under Win7 without problems doesn't supports anymore hardware samplers. This is really damn!!! I can't understand that. This was really the main advantage of Recycle 2.0, that it generates a program for your sampler. Now I have a solution maybe to install an Adaptec 2940UW controller under Win7. But because of this unbelievable negative change in Recycle 2.1 I need Recycle 2.0. But Recycle 2.0 doesn't run with Win7 (64bit) or...? What shall I do??? Need some help or ideas.

With best regards

rootstudio 2013-06-18 22:23

Just a shot in the dark, but couldn't you have another boot partition on your drive with the older system? I realize that it's a royal pain to keep switching boot drives. It depends how badly you want the good filters on your hardware.

Perhaps you can even run an emulator of an older system on your new machine. I'm doing things like that on my Mac anyway.


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