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Kebo313 2012-02-09 19:37

Reason 6 Upgrade Doesn't Recognize Ignition Key
I just installed the 6.0 upgrade (installed Essentials first) and it is not recognizing the ignition key when I launch - also lost the audio driver. Anyone else have this problem?

I had the ignition key plugged in when I launched the program - and closed and also tried with Balance plugged in


OldStyleOlli 2012-02-09 21:29

Hi Kebo,
did the same thing a few days ago (upgrading from Essentials without Balance to Reason 6).
This is how i did it:
Put the Ignition key from Essentials in your computer (the new one, which came with the upgrade, still is untouched in the box).
1. Run Authorizer
2. Launch Browser from Authorizer -> this will take you to your account details
3. On the right side click at "Register or Upgrade" click on "Reason"
4. Choose "Reason 6 Upgrade"
5. Enter Upgrade ID, Registration Code (from your upgrade package) and your platform
6. Click "Send Registration"

Now you have a license for Reason 6 - BUT that is not all - you have to put that license also to your Ignition key!!!

I cannot recall exactly where it was, but somewhere on your account sites, you can transfer the license to the ignition key.
I think, it was at "Manage license" in "Your account".
If you think you got it, you can click on "Ignition-Key-Info" in "Your account".
There has to be only the Reason 6 license on the key and no Reason Essentials license anymore!


Kebo313 2012-02-09 21:32

Hey - many thanks - I'll give it a try this evening


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