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ffud 2012-02-21 06:40

HELP: Clipping problems with maximizer and reason 6 mixer
So I sometimes like to smash the crap out of stuff with the M-Class maximizer by setting the input gain and the soft clip at about max. When I was making sounds and doing stuff in Reason 5 I could push the gain as high as I wanted on the maximizer and it wouldn't ever really clip. The maximizer's output meter never hit red and neither did the 14:2 mixer.

However, now in Reason 6 if I try the same thing the maximizer's output meter still never hits red, but the mix channel meter goes way into the red and clips hard core. I've tried using the maximizer as an insert effect on the mix channel rather than in the combinator that my sound is coming from, but that didn't help either.

I'm quite confused and would very much appreciate an explanation.

Thanks a lot!

(ps: is this the right forum section, or should it go in music or users?)

63hz 2012-02-21 17:00

What does the peak meter on the master output say if you have your channel and your master
on unity?

Don't be offended if I go for the obvious answer: The channel meters are VU, therefore
if a channel meter hits 0 or goes into the red that doesn't mean your signal is clipping.

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