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Korzen99 2012-03-04 10:26

ReCycle problem when sampling...
Hey homies,

I goota a problem with ReCycle (Propellerhead) when samplin' a song.
Imma a begginer and I hope that You'll help me to solve this problem, cuz' I tried, and tried but still don't resolve it. :/
So. I have a big problem with Bars because I don't know what number of bars I must to enter because if I enter a number which
is too small, my beat are cutted by ReCycle and end before the exactly end of sample and if I enter a number too big, than at
the end of sample I got an annoying reverb. :/
I don't use any slices, I don't wanna slice my sample. I give You an example, how I do it:
I got a song (for example 3min) and I cut from it my sample(for example a sample of 20 seconds)
and I don't wanna slice it, just save it like that. But I can't because ReCycle don't wanna save my sample if I don't enter an exactly number of bars.

So I have a question:
How do Ya know which number of bars You must to enter? I don't uderstand it...

Please, help me guys.
I hope You understand what my problem is.

Thanks a lot,
5. :)

BonezMcCoy 2012-03-04 11:12

Which version of ReCycle? If you're on 2.1 go here and install 2.2:

As for the number of bars... well, count 'em.

However, if you don't want to slice it, it seems to me you don't need ReCycle at all.

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