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gokylessj 2012-03-26 17:55

Second MIDI controller?
(I may have posted this in the wrong forum, as I am very new to Reason. Thanks for reading)

Hi all!

I am purchasing my first Macbook Pro and Reason 6 this week, and I had a question. My current set up for playing involves a 61-key KORG Triton on top for pads, and an 88-key Yamaha S90 on bottom for piano, strings and organ. I plan to purchase two MIDI controllers, an Axiom 61-key PRO for my top and an M-Audio 88-weighted for the bottom.

My question: would I be able to still use the top keyboard for pads and ambiance while simultaneously using the bottom board for piano sounds both running out of Reason 6 (i.e., left hand holding the top board for pads, and the right hand playing the bottom board for piano/strings/organ sounds)? If possible, could someone describe how the technical hardware would need to be set up? I'll be happy to answer any questions about the gear I will be purchasing if it may help find an answer.

Thanks a lot!

SteveDiverse 2012-03-26 18:08

Yes, with one caveat (see below).

Reason supports multiple controllers.

You can setup one controller as a master keyboard, and it will 'follow' as you select different tracks (which have devices attached to them) - this means the master will always be playing the select track.

You can setup controller(s) to not be master keyboard, in which case you 'lock' them to a particular track (device).

So if you setup two tracks and lock your two controllers to these tracks, you will have what you are looking for.

Caveat: This is not a Reason thing, it's a potential controller 'issue'... some controllers are fussy about which USB port they are plugged into. If both controllers want the same USB port, you might have to fiddle around to get them working -- not sure if they work through a hub.

I have the axiom pro 61 and it only works in one of my four USB ports, that's why I mention it.

gokylessj 2012-04-25 00:55

Thank you very much for the response. I've had Reason for a few weeks now, and I've been trying some different things while using two boards. I have an Axiom Pro 61 on top, and an M-Audio 88 on bottom. I successfully locked the devices, and am able to have two sounds coming out simultaneously.

Having said this, I am looking to run Reason live for performances while hooked up to both boards, and I seem to have hit a snag. Is there a way to have a saved "set-list" where I can seamlessly transition from instrument to instrument while having the program allocate the sounds I need for each board? I'll provide an example.

Song 1
Top board: Pad A
Bottom board: Piano

Song 2: Pad B
Bottom board: Strings

Song 3: Pad C
Bottom board: Organ

On my Axiom board, I have been able to switch instruments on the fly, but it only works if there is one board, not two.

Any advice on where to go with this?

Thanks again!

StormCanada 2012-04-25 03:59

I'm a guitar player, so forgive me if I lead you slightly astray. Maybe more keyboard players will show up soon.

The approach (there's been videos and James Bernard covered one of his 52 tips on this I thinnnnnk) the following:

Lock each Device to a specific combi.
Each combi pulls patches from a specific and different folder. (controller 1 folder and controller 2 folder)
Inside each folder number the patches in the order you play them.
(eg. 01 - Song A Pad, 02 - Song B Organ, etc)
When your file loads the combis load 01 in that folder.
Use Remote Overrides in Reason to set a key/button on your controller to assign 'Select Prev Patch for Target Device' and 'Select Next Patch for Target Device'

Like I said, I don't know for sure but this was the approach discussed a while back. Where this approach might fail is it may require you to select each track in the sequencer (to target the device) and you'd have to change each device. As long as you have enough time between songs, you'd click on each track in the sequencer, hit your remote override button for next, then go to the next device's track, and hit your Next button again.

If I'm wrong, I'll edit this. I don't do multiple keyboards so I'm sure the key players will be along shortly. :)))))

gokylessj 2012-04-25 22:20

Thank you very much! I'm going to give this a try tonight and see if I have some luck.

Again, appreciate the reply. Hopefully it will work.

dangore 2012-10-15 19:34

Second Controller, Live use
I lead worship at my church, usually from keyboard and I run reason from my laptop. I have not used two boards with Reason 6.5 yet, though I am in the process of researching this as I would like to be able to have two sets of sounds coming from two boards simultaneously. I'd also like to trigger backing tracks and have a little more tweakability without having to navigate menus or sounds while playing live. I currently use one keyboard (Novation MKII 61 key) and a combinator patch which uses all the sliders on my board. Assigned to each slider on my 14:2 mixer within the combinator is a different sound (i.e. pad, piano, organ, strings, synth lead, etc.) each assigned to the corresponding slider on my keyboard. Anytime I want a sound, I simply slide the fader up to the level in the mix I want it (I could technically add all 9 at once if I wanted). When the song is done I simply fade out using the sliders and pick my next sound. You following so far?

That being said, If what you said is true about being able to use two controllers at once and "locking" one keyboard onto a device... than could you not simply create two separate Combinator devices (as mentioned above) each with a 14:2 mixer inside and all the instruments and effects attached that you would need for each keyboard? Assign keyboard one to Combinator 1 and keyboard 2 to Combinator 2 and map the faders on each keyboard to faders on your mixers (i.e your top keyboard could be all different pad sounds and your bottom keyboard could be more piano and organ sounds, all to your choosing according to your performance).

Again, this is speculation since I do not actually own two keyboards, nor have I tried this, but I do believe this should work based off of what you and others have said. Should meet your needs! Let me know how things work out!

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