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djimenez2009 2012-03-30 04:48

Full Screen App and Zoom for Reasons Synths
Full Screen App and Zoom for Reasons Synths

As Monitors became bigger, and with better resolution, the synths and elements on Reason became smaller or designed for a past without Full Screen applications.

Let's imagine you are working on just on Thor, creating a new instrument or just moving some filters. If you are on a big Monitor with High Definition output 1920x1080, the part of the synth will be so small that you will need to get closer to see al the details.

Why not adding a Full Screen bottom or "Zoom on Synth" to basically isolate the module you are using or the whole Reason from external "visual noise" and let you focus on your work.

Cons, That means, all Reason need to have full screen images, not only the fixed sizes we have now. That means more memory...

joeyluck 2012-03-30 07:23


I suggested this same thing (with instruments)

DaftFader 2012-03-30 12:20


I, like many others, have an 88 note keyboard in front of my 27" iMac. The rack devices are way too small to be comfortable at that distance.

If the device that had focus doubled in size, that would be great - on the back of the rack too!

I find myself constantly cmd/mouse scroll wheeling to zoom the screen - which makes the screen fuzzy - not good. Deffo my biggest feature request, would improve Reason 100%!

Come on Props - we haven't all got 20/20 vision...

Bonkhead 2012-03-30 13:17

maybe it is better to remove the rach-overview screen on the right and to add a Z and X zoom in.out function. This way you can overview fast if you want and zoom in on specific modules (for me the nnxt is hard to read on 22" widescreen.).

If the racks get bigger the overview screen isn't usefull anymore to me.
With all the new rack extensions coming etc, this would be my best choice.

FrF69 2012-03-30 13:21



djimenez2009 2012-04-02 03:49

I can see that many people is suffering the same problem with the resolution of Reason.

I have a 2560x1600 pixels Cinema HD monitor at my work.
Is perfect to work dividing one side with the rack and one side with the mixer, but I try to keep my monitor and my speakers at the same level, sometimes like 1m distance from me, but at the end of the day I have to get closer to read all the details on the screen.

On the other side, I have a Macbook Pro 17". Reason looks very good, same thing I have space to divide the screen on half rack and half mixer. Looks like the design fits perfect for Laptops, just don't put you laptop fa away because you will end with tired eyes.

In many big studios is the same, the screen is far away from the keyboard, definitely impossible to read!

janzing 2012-04-02 03:59

Usability is a crucial aspect of the groovy UI.

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