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flagfarm 2012-04-10 00:41

Suggestions for the next update to Figure

Figure is a wonderful fun app! I would like to suggest the following:

- The ability to export a loop as a reason file or wav file
- The ability to save a loop to a bank

This way you will support reason users, like me :-)


swoon11 2012-04-10 06:20

Figure - suggested enhancements
Features that would be welcome would be:

-I agree with flagfarm that pattern save is a must.
-pattern arrange (much like Rebirth so that compositions are easier)
-REX or other Reason friendly export
*Drums/Bass/Lead to multiple Rex files based on transients and song tempo
*Multiple Midi files for Drum/Bass/Lead
*Multiple wav or aiff files for Drum/Bass/Lead
- pasteboard support to allow import from/export to other audio iOS apps or simply transfer to hard drive for import into reason.
-Dropbox support (to save patterns, arangements or exports)

SteveDiverse 2012-04-10 17:17

Save loop as ringtone.

stanwells 2012-05-23 06:05

Figure suggestions
Ya, I would definitely appreciate a way to save, and export into reason would be even better.

fr33mix 2012-11-13 09:40

An export to reason -not as wave file, this is already possible, but as a .reason-file including the used synths / drums as combinators.

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