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myst515 2012-05-02 04:20

Curious about Future Figure update
So far I can honestly say Figure is a very cool music app for what it has to offer. But last week I recently had purchased Glitch Breaks, and Loop Twister music apps, and must say that these apps for me are awesome! Which leads me to the question of, what does Propellerheads has to offer in the next update?

Both apps I purchased has Copy/Paste, as well as iTunes File sharing which is real cool because most of the loops I create comes from Reason to use in these and other music apps. But to have Figure updated with the same features would be great as well as any other future plans. Creating music with Figure is very interesting and fun, but I want to be able to use my creation by way of Copy/Paste, WAV export in the apps mentioned as well as say a Garage Band, Nano, Music Studio, etc.

I know the staff is on there "A" game for whatever they have planed in store for Figure, but just wanted voice my opinion not only as a Reason user, but also because I utilize music apps in my music setup with the iTouch and Synthstation 25.


Playing my SS25 in Reason 6 is freaking amazing! Even though most of the music apps are tweekable, I love to play them live through the audio feature and do some sound tweeking with the rack devices.

WAY 2 GO Propellerheads!!!

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