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koma7 2012-05-07 10:59

First tune in reason 6 [ambient]
I purchased Reason 6 the other day, and have been eager to record audio into reason for a long time, so I got together my little korg set up and made a little tune, excuse the bad quality and crackle at the beggining, the setup was very poor, but this is what I came up with:

The only thing about it I myself don't particularly like about it is the sequenced synth on the monotribe which I just used the default pattern for rather than come up with something a little creative, and may go back into reason and make it sound a bit more interesting. Otherwise I love the lo-fi and warm sound this has.

Instruments used: monotron delay, monotribe, microKORG (you won't be able to hear the microKORG, comes in torwads the very end with a very low freq arp). Also recorded a few guitar notes into it as you can hear, I love the virtual amps in reason!

Reason effects used: Alligator, pulveriser, echo, unison, foldback distorion and guitar amp

Feedback, criticisms and death threats welcome. :-)

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