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Boasti 2012-05-07 11:02

Preset for Behringer BCF2000 for the Reason 6 mixer

anyone knows if there is a preset existing for the new mixer to controll via the Behringer.

would be nice if new channels could be added automatically... possible??


koma7 2012-05-07 13:40

What do you mean?

You want 8 mix channels on your mixer when you start up reason?

That would be pretty simple, just create any instrument, then delete it, leaving the mix channel behind, copy that 8 times and you have your preset mixer.

If you want to dedicate your bcf2000 to only control your mixer then you're going to have to edit the remote overide mapping on the mixer and assign each channel to your controller, shouldn't take long, once you've done that, lock your device to the mixer and save it, and there you have your preset.

I would do it for you but I do not have a bcf2000 to do the mapping for you.

Boasti 2012-05-07 15:33

I would like to have new channels, so when I add the 9 etc also to be asigned to the bcf.

But good idea.

lets say I make a preset for 24 mixchannels assign them all to the bcf then delete all devices to only have the channels in the rack. When I then want to add a new device I can to manually connect it to one of the existing mixer channels.


dingStar 2012-10-25 16:52

Hi there,
thats exactly what i´m also looking for!
Cause every time when adding a new Sequenzer-Lane/Instrument i have to route it manually with Remote Overide :(
The actual Workaround is: Having 8 Instruments (or more - then tehy have to be combinated) in the Standard Template and everytime, when i use a new Instrument i have to re-cable it to one of the existing ones .... (was that understandable ...?)
Thats not really cool, but it works for me, because i need the ideal control when i´m doing live music and i can´t look always on the notebookscreen ....
On the 3rd of November i´ll visit the Reason Producers Conference - when i have the chance, i´ll ask them for Tipps

Would be perfect when every new channel would automaticly take one channel on the behringer - then i would buy one more ;)

dingStar 2012-10-25 17:05

Hi koma7,

that was also my idea and the way how i´m doing it - but i´m doing also live-music and with that live recording, which means, that i could have some new lanes and even more than the 8 on the behringer ... in a live situation doing the remote overide action is confusing, so it would be perfect, when i can tell the behringer that it takes ALWAYS the FIRST 8 Channels - then i could just drag the mixer-channel from for example position 12 to a position between 1 and 8 so that i could directly use the behringer to control the lane.
For better understanding: i use every Channel on the Behringer fpr one Mixer Channel - Volume / Solo/Mute / Send FX 1 / Send FX 2 / Send FX 3

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