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Boi555soul 2012-05-14 01:44

Make "FIGURE" the graphical User Interface For Reason?
This could be useful allowing a performer to also control Reason sets from an Ipad or Iphone right? I don't have figure but i saw a video about it and it hit me. Also in the studio hands on control for Reason. Figure could be used to tie things together and create a monstrosity of an instrument where I quote from JB: "all hell would break loose" end quote. being able to Jam and perform pulling off something ridiculous.

A mode in Reason that allows for using the objects of the Graphical elements of "Figure" to be used as objects to control Reason as a highly creative front end this alternative would tie into the sequencer of reason for capturing a performance. Go figure ?

Definitely need more graphical information in general thru out Reason - I'm waiting for a big boy sampler more editing and integration from the timeline drag and drop - I also would be interested to see A Sequencer unit that is independent from the timeline that the Propellerheads would construct to pull this off. I personally hate the linear timeline approach moving left to right the thing is only useful for capturing and editing a performance. Thats all it would be good for on such an advanced level if "Figure" was integrated within Reason on that level.

Its amazing How some obvious and little simple things is missing from Reason here and there for example like the missing "groups" with the big mixer BUT actually thru out the history of Reason there was never no Groups at all in Reason if you think about it? so assignable cutting and switching of groups, of faders would be awesome i think if Figure was in Reason.... and of course reason at that point would be mobile and able to be portable by working on the Ipad or a PC transferring budding ideas..

Figure to me means Propellerheads foray into being graphical to make Reason more interesting in many ways than just being eye candy.

illovich 2012-05-16 18:27

It would be fantastic awesome to be able to use Figure as a Reason controller - I'm not as clear about the other stuff you're saying, but just being able to wire the app up and use it to record or experiment (or if that's too much, the ability to send the current recording to reason as a new file would be sufficient).

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