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LastAlternative 2012-05-23 22:37

About the music forum....
Hey guys I really appreciate the comments. I gotta say even though I don't comment every single song, I do comment quite a bit and it's sad to see the music forum isn't as friendly as one would hope. Most of it is people posting their stuff and not commenting anyone. Maybe if there was a common courtesy rule we'd be more of a musician community here. For example, for every song you post, listen and comment on someone else's song. And for every comment you get, give another one or two to somebody. I think this forum would be less selfish and actually thrive on feedback and advice which would be most helpful to each other for motivation and producing improvement!

Thank you for your time, fellow propellerheads :)

zillis 2012-05-23 23:47

That would be good!

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