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kilon 2012-06-05 20:33

Alchemy RE support thread
Hey there, I have been considering buying Reason for years now. The two things holding me back was lack of audio recording and that I would not be able to use my only software synth (I am a hardware synth guy) Alchemy.

So when I learned about Rack Extensions I was jumping up and down from joy. Sure I have been always aware of Rewire, but I was no big fan of braking my workflow or paying for 2 different daws.

Now that audio recording is finally possible for Reason I am so close to making that purchase because I love reason since version 2.5 that I first used it.

So I am opening this thread , after opening this thread -> in Alchemy forums and been told that is up to P to lift restriction that make it impossible currently for Alchemy developers to bring this amazing synth (easily the most powerful software synthesizer out there) to Reason.

Bare in mind I know Rack Extensions is a extremely new features not even yet released , and that there is still work to be done till its considered mature or enough to please most VST/AU developers out there . I am not an impatient guy , but I am too excited about this to not just create this thread as a place of many Alchemy fans to voice their interest.

I am sure this marriage between Reason and Alchemy will greatly benefit both sides. As always use this thread to voice your ideas, advice, concerns and opinions.

emotica 2012-06-05 20:41


Probably the synth I like to see in Reason the most. Hopefully, it will be possible at some point.

papercrane 2012-06-05 20:57

I've demoed Alchemy extensively, and use it a lot in college. I would also love to see this as a rack extension. a couple of developers have dropped hints regarding the finicky nature of the GUI restrictions, but the rack extension format is still in it's early days, so over time I expect that propellerheads will concentrate on improving the rack extension format.

eXode 2012-06-05 21:19

Alchemy gets my support all the way! +1 for making it happen in Reason!

zeebot 2012-06-05 22:02

Yeah, the camel guys have issues with the RE format at the moment and alchemy doesn't look like happening until the DEV evolves a bit...I do have it on good authority that the guys will be bringing one of their other plugins to the table maybe phat or space.

emotica 2012-06-05 22:21


Originally Posted by zeebot (Post 1063698)
...until the DEV evolves a bit...

DEV? You mean SDK?

LTRNG 2012-06-05 22:56

That's the only third party synth I use in Logic, now that I want to fully come back to reason, this synth woulb be a monster in reason.
That would bring us a granulator!! wich I miss in reason!

kingdubrock 2012-06-05 23:10

Yeah it just plain kinda sux to be really immersed in a plug you cant use or duplicate in Reason.
I am really curious what the restrictions are that Camel can't work with. If they are features that prevent other major players who want to from making RE versions then Prophead is just continuing this torturous trend of a divide between what they want and what what their users want. Like Apple and Flash. I get it but in the end one has to be careful not to overplay their hand/influence. It can backfire as soon as someone comes along with an alternative.

I do wish Camel would allow importing of other sampler formats but thats another topic.

In the meantime, if you use a mac (Im not sure if there are VST versions) Redmatica's Autosampler will make it possible for you to easily resample patches you design in Alchemy into the NN format. The problem is that you wont be albe to duplicate any of the considerable and automatable modulation options in Alchemy. You will be limited to what the NN can do. On the other hand with the new Pulsar thing you might find that the combination of the two produce something quite great.

zeebot 2012-06-06 00:45


Originally Posted by emotica (Post 1063726)
DEV? You mean SDK?

DEV as in DEV kit or SDK if you will :)

I know the main issues were form factor based which hindered the X/Y pad morphing functionality which is one of the features of Alchemy.
Maybe the next RE kit will address those issues?

denisjamers 2012-06-06 09:27

I want alchemy RE.


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