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LastAlternative 2012-06-14 04:19

Music forum
Guys. It's getting ridiculous. Most music in there is covers, remixes, and generic dubstep, techno, house, and plain old electronic. I appreciate the time and energy put into it but it all sounds the same and is very forgettable. I realize not everyone is a great artist and I respect that but people want to hear something new and original. Seems like most folks just go with the trend instead of thinking outside the box.
Also, the feedback sucks. For the longest time I have given lots of feedback when I log on. I have also posted my own music a few times, but have backed off because I've noticed with all the music (not just mine), people are very cold and it's like talking to the wall or yourself. You're lucky to get a few responses and they usually have no real value. Compliments are cool but we're all musicians here! Advice! Criticism! Suggestions! ..all things that help a musician grow. I mean... posts have 50-200 views and MAYBE 4 comments??? Come on people. Give as much, if not more than you take!

platzangst 2012-06-14 04:25

Heh, try being an experimental/noise artist.

Xaviero 2012-06-14 04:56

I hear ya, I think it's best to seek out genre specific forums and post your work there. I've been avoiding it now for a while, just focusing all of my interest in general, feature suggestions and the user forum.

A few great genre specific forums. <-- DNB, Dubstep, etc <-- Hiphop, RNB, Urban etc <-- Glitch Hop <--- IDM <--- Dubstep

The only thing in theses forums, is that your going to indefinitely run into reason haters.

TunedAgent 2012-06-14 10:50


Originally Posted by platzangst (Post 1069170)
Heh, try being an experimental/noise artist.

I'll bite...

Orphx will always be your friend. Keep up the good work ;)

Lunesis 2012-06-14 13:02

What's wrong with generic dubstep?

robint 2012-06-14 13:10

Sadly guys true artists (those who have to make music cos its in their blood) are a fragile few less than 1: 1000 maybe and who really understand the issues. The average joe public punter is the very same who cant be assed to throw out the rubbish corrupt government system we have that took us into an illegal war despite 1 million people turning out to demonstrate in whitehall - go figure - and it gets worse, but we are musicians with a language that has no cultural barriers. If you are a musician you can go anywhere in the world and hook up with like minds, whatever culture or language. Isnt that remarkable - think about it.

So dont be discouraged, hook up in forums with other like minds. they are out there wanting contact just as much as you. If the punters want to listen in - thats ok too.

Lunesis 2012-06-14 13:23

I think the biggest issue is that when we are on our computers we are working on our own music and browsing the forums while we listen and think of changes we want to make. In order to participate in the music forum you have to cut into your workflow and listen to other people's music which might completely throw you off your groove.. with the other forums you can just read and talk. If you want to be part of an active social music collective then go on SC and leave a bunch of comments for people.. they are more likely to reciprocate and become long term fans there then here.

robint 2012-06-14 13:27

very good point, I know about that when my SO sneaks in wanting attention, why cant I have a normal cat.

emotica 2012-06-14 13:37

That's part of the ways we are able to make music nowadays. Practically, you buy one magazine which comes with a DVD full of toys, get a free program like Podium or evaluate REAPER and you''re good to go, right? Times clearly have changed, which doesn't really mean that everyone that is doing music is good in it, myself included. It's fun. It just starts to get something else if you go out and ask for feedback and also how good you're in taking criticism. That's probably the worst, when people don't have a sense about their own music. Also, some people don't want to create their "own sound". They want to make music like their favorite artists. I guess we all kinda start like that? I know I did. There is a certain kind of advertisement aimed on that. Full construction kit sample packs? Dubstep presets?

There is another point to that and this is when you don't even pay for the stuff you're using, which increases the number of "producers" even more. I don't even finish much music anymore, simply because there is so much already. Better or worst, doesn't really matter. I can listen to some awful music on SoundCloud, wondering how this artist got 500 followers and get sad about it or just enjoy keep doing this for my own.

robint 2012-06-14 15:03

Quite right, technology has handed dummies some astounding kit at for a few hundreds of dollars unheard of 5 years ago. Quite unlike my collision with NI then, i gave up on that, too techie by far. Now a 10 year geek can become a producer (of something?)
If you really want to blow your mind, look back on how music progressed 650 years ago with the development of modal scales, dorian , gregorian, phrygian etc. They were defined by the diatonic whites notes. Start with middle C and all the whites notes up to the next octave are the Dorian mode. Go to the next white note D and all the white notes one octave are the Gregorian mode and so on. Try playing the same simle melody in each mode for your self - just how neat is that? These modes all had different "holy" flavours
An enormous amount of intellectual power went into defining what sounded good or not - and it received almost universal agreement (in the west anyway). btw the Eastern ear finds our music disagreeable generally but eastern music never developed key modulation (changing scale in a song).
So when I hear work comprising 3 dumb chords and lotsa dumpf dumfp - I cringe
There is so much more out there.

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