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wriotl99 2012-06-28 03:10

Just getting started with Reason 6.5, have audio recording questions
I just downloaded Reason 6.5 the other day. I started out trying FX with iTunes input. [The ads say version 6.5 is compatible with iTunes] I spent about a day and a half solid to figure out how to monitor the "Sample input" without getting a buzz or intense feedback. I researched the forums and found a Q&A about recording audio and the answer was in so many words that "you need Record to record external audio and to Import an audio file instead". It took me only a little while to demo the FX modules and even experiment with sweetening a vocal recording much to my satisfaction after I imported a song into Reason. So I'm very impressed with Reason's sound quality and FX modules.
What I still don't understand is how to input live audio from iTunes on a
Mac Book Pro 15" late 2006 model, OS X 10.5.8, without hearing the dry
audio from iTunes always at 100% plus whatever set level is coming out of Reason, resulting in a slapback delay sound that corresponds with the Latency setting. When I turn up the Sample Monitor level I get more ++ delayed feedback.
How do I monitor and record Only the audio processed by Reason and mute the input audio using only this laptop?
I tried Soundflower as an internal audio software router and I could not switch between Desktop and Reason and back without getting a loud buzz that had to be muted by clicking on the Sound flower icon.
My next experiment was to uninstall Soundflower and use only the Built-In Output of the Mac as the input to Reason.
With this configuration, the Audio Channel Input selection says "There are no audio inputs available".
So at this point I can only conclude that neither the Mac Book Pro iTunes nor any other audio played from the laptop audio players are compatible with Reason or there is still another Core Audio software router app that interfaces to Reason that I don't know about. Soundflower is just not working for me as an interface to Reason so what do I do?

SteveDiverse 2012-06-28 04:02

Not sure I can help with what you are trying to do...but I am curious...can you post a link to the ads that state that R6.5 is compatible with iTunes.

Saying that Reason is or is not compatible with iTunes doesn't make immediate sense to me.

wriotl99 2012-06-29 03:43

I must have misunderstood what I read, and I can't find it again today. I thought that being compatible meant inputs not recording formats. Some kind of driver function needs to route the channel 1 & 2 outputs of the laptop to Reason 6.5 while isolating the output of Reason from the input when you select the Monitor button on an audio channel connected to the Mac Audio. I am using Soundflower for my virtual ASIO sound card as I just wanted to have the most mobile system for now. There isn't any way to separate the 1 & 2 inputs from the 1&2 outputs [going to the headphones out jack or the internal speakers] in Soundflower 16 channel mode from any other channel so as to eliminate
the feedback within the virtual router that I can understand.
Maybe the only way is to use the optical digital output on the laptop to get the extra output channels I need separated from the inputs to make my set up work the way I want.
So I don't really see a problem with Reason, just what I can't do with this laptop and the analog outputs. Still, it would be cool to have the Monitor button mute the input from the output when Record ready is selected.

bgranger 2012-06-29 06:53

What you need is a program called Jack pilot which allows you to reconfigure your computers internal audio pathways to and from other software.

Hope that helps

endeguena 2013-06-27 20:16

jack doesnt work with reason 6.5 and older or does it ?I don't know about 7

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