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joeyluck 2012-07-08 05:37

Tool window categories
This is an idea I suggested before, but I think it might have been made in the now desolate beta thread.

Many of us have suggested that the tool window be customizable (which by the way, is a brilliant idea). Maybe we'll see that in Reason 7? However, if it proves to be too much of a burden to implement, in lieu of customization...

I think the tool window should simply have more categories. The more REs that come in, the more it will be needed. Essentially, in the long run, the more precise—the better (e.g. Effects broken down into "reverb," "delay," etc.). Total precision aside, I think these categories Propellerhead uses on their own site is a step in the right direction...

And then work on fine tuning those categories =)

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