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jacobhuff 2012-07-29 17:05

Drag-Drop Samples
Would love to be able to chop my sample in record then drag-drop the slices to a Kong or NN-XT. Drag-Drop files from timeline to devices please <3

BeatmakerEI 2012-07-29 20:05

Yes we need Drag and Drop period! We should be able to drag a sample or file (Any popular format) from anywhere on our computers and drop it onto the sequencer. I don't see why Reason doesn't completely have it? I say completely because you can drag a wav sample/file, and I think an AIFF sample/file to the Reason icon in your dock (if you have a Mac) and it will create a new track and place it where the cursor is. With windows I think it has D&D. Not sure, but we need it in the next update for sure.

DaCapo 2012-07-29 23:30

Drag and drop from the toolbox (f8) to the samplers (ex. Kong)would be very nice!

jlgrimes 2012-07-30 01:12


Originally Posted by DaCapo (Post 1107018)
Drag and drop from the toolbox (f8) to the samplers (ex. Kong)would be very nice!

I think they need to redo the browser also. Make it faster and more contemporary.

tiftof 2012-07-30 02:00

Yes indeed. Props has a lot of work to do if they want to bring Reason up to date. Drag n drop, dynamic snapping and audio quantize are all standard in today's DAWs. Studio One is just in version 2 and already has amazing audio quantize functionality.
We also need a new browser. The current one is slow and efficient way to find and categorize patches.

ProfessaKaos 2012-07-30 05:29

+1 Definitely need these things to be updated

sinnerfire 2012-07-30 14:50


Originally Posted by ProfessaKaos (Post 1107153)
+1 Definitely need these things to be updated

+1 Me to, big time saver!!

deepndark 2012-07-30 14:51

It's funny that this isn't be made already. What could be the reason?

jacobhuff 2012-07-30 15:15

I see what you did there...

Elthariel 2013-02-10 02:52

+1 I just get bored of dropping a sample, moving it to the right track and deleting the empty track :'(

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