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kunstlicht 2012-08-03 17:17

Anyone interested in some collaboration?
hey guys, i'm new :)

since i have a little time at the moment for making music, i just wanted to ask if some of you are looking for some kind of collaboration. just for fun, like sending a project over, edit and add stuff, send it back and so on.. just to see what happens!

unfortunately i pretty much suck in song structure and building a track from start to finish, i'm more into turning knobs, create sounds, mixing and mastering.. so, if you don't mind :) also, i've never really worked with vocalists, but this is something i badly wanna learn, how to place them in the mix, put some detail work on them..

musically i'm pretty open, pop, minimal and techno, dance, freestyle, experimental, triphop, rap.. you name it!

so maybe there is someone out there who has the feeling that working together makes life easier. just say hi :)

btw: you can get a glimpse of what i'm doing by checking out the loops i uploaded.. somehow, it's all freestyle

Iron 2012-08-18 02:35

Hey kunstlicht,

If you feel like remixing any of my tracks feel free. Just PM me which ones your interested in. They are posted on soundcloud in my signature. There minimal acid tracks. I'm the opposite of you. I'm good at structure, but not as much with synthesis and sounds. I don't really know if we can collaborate, as I only use Reason version 4. My dated iMac won't handle anything new. My songs may sound vintage & dated, as most of my inspiration is 90's electronic music.

Let me know if you want to have a go at something.


JpPropellaed 2012-08-18 03:13 here's somthing i posted up a couple of days ago ' as an open_Colab_invite ' but no one has come back with anything as yet? , there is no vocal ' Yet , but that is quite easy to do ' actualy even easier if its just snippets rather than a whole full lyric ! take a look see what you think , O but before you do its D&Bass ' lol i notice there no mention of D&B in your thread ! still you may find it interesting althought its still very basic ' / Jamie

tincture 2012-08-18 03:29

Drop me a PM with your email and I'll let you have a couple of songs to have a go at. They need better drum programming and production but anything else you can do will be more than welcome. The songs are pretty much complete but just need improving and I've not managed to get them right. I've also passed them to another member but not heard from him. I know it can be tricky getting to grips with pre-written tunes so maybe that's it - or... maybe they aren't worth it. But I don't think so. I hope he's working on them. So as long as you're ok with that, PM me.

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