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tomriv 2012-08-03 23:04

Soundcloud Free vs Soundcloud Lite
I love Soundcloud. Its probably my most visited site - certainly along with these forums and facebook.

Ive got the free account - which is great. Ive only made 7 tracks, all are available and ive somehow managed to accumulate approx 70 followers (why arent you all following?!?!) The thing is you can only share with 1 group at a time whereas for EUR 29 a year you can share a track with up to 75 groups.

Im sorely tempted - does anyone here use any of the payed Soundclouds? Have you found it has been beneficial related to finding new people to listen to your music? Id be interested to hear peoples experiences - perhaps youve collaborated since upgrading or somehow it has helped you progress, or youve found local artists youve since become friends with.. or has it made no difference and I should stick with the free?

It would be wrong of me not to share my soundcloud after such a post: (or search for Rivum).

Reason all the way baby!!

Dave909 2012-08-04 00:36

I got the 29 a year account and sharing to groups really helps to expand your listener base. You'll reach alot of people listening to your genre which otherwise would have to search for your music in the hope of finding it. The extra stats are also worth it like seeing who plays your tracks and stuff :)

Plus you'll get a nice little star icon next to your name. Don't we Reason users just love our icons! ;)

moneykube 2012-08-04 06:10

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yes we love our icons

tomriv 2012-08-04 07:59

Haha it seems like a no brainer in that case! Think I will upgrade-thanks!

MayorMcCheese 2012-08-04 12:47

On top of all that, you have to pay the clams in order to replace your track file after you first upload it. Otherwise, you can’t upload a revised improved version to the same spot. It’s worth it.

Dave909 2012-08-04 13:12

Yeahh, forgot to mention that. That probably is the best feature of a paid account. Very useful to update your music without losing all the comments on it :D Plus you get to make more sets and have more space for your music too.

Ligumo 2012-08-04 14:04

I discovered soundcloud during Making Music Month last year and I think it's great. I also went for the lite option after a couple of months of using the free one. I think it's a good service and I had no hesitiation in renewing my subscription earlier this month. I just hope they don't ever sell out to a large shareholder company and fill it full of crap. It's great now ;-)

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