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majkeinar 2012-08-08 22:47

MIKE - danish song !
Hi guys and girls,

I have spendt the last two evenings creating this song (in danish)

It is pretty different from what you normally hear (i think)

Check it out (if you want to - you dont have too ;-)

Comments appriciated

Best, MIKE

Dave909 2012-08-08 23:00

I like the song, i do think your voice is a bit too "normal". With that i mean i would like a bit more expression.

Det er en ret anderledes melodi (than your usual pop-stuff)

What does the section before the English part mean? ;)

majkeinar 2012-08-10 22:43

thanks for your comment. i think i understand your point. and i will try tomake a new more interesting. personal vocsl track. the sentence means. this is not your average / normal pop song. as in i think i kind of goy my own style here.



mastertonyd 2012-08-11 00:28

I didn't understand the lyrics, but I liked the track!

majkeinar 2012-08-11 05:49

this is a google translate of the lyrics.. approx :-)

tell me
If you thought that I,
went over the line.
which was designed by you
I knew you well ku draw,
and you know that I know
that it was not about you but me and and I'm sorry
sorry if I've screwed me again
I would just like to be so much more than your friend ...
but when all is safe best if we pretend. that wing stuff that matters
that nothing means anything.

where are we going - we must be followed by, or go their separate ways again.

what do we do now, must we part here, what singe r you.

I've never had the feelings before.
the sources in my stomach but I know I did not dare.
take the next step in my shoes are too small.
I try to move me but stops altogether
close to my bed ??? hope it's all a dream
but there is always something that reminds me of
you, your scent, your thighs
I remember the taste of your kiss and your long soft hair

where am I really going - we must be followed by, or go their separate ways again.

what do I do now, must we part here, what do you say ?-).

Do you know what that ik know how
you are going. one goes and one gray.
in a circle or two, in eights
Screaming for help, they call you call
but you get ik an answer, even if the answer is out there
lisom x-files and the Gothic knot.

so it feels a little ja'rundtosset

Dave909 2012-08-11 15:26

I like it man! Personal, most likely to be autobiographic lyrics make a song so much more interesting. Yeah just put a bit more of these emotions in your delivery and you'll be there. Definately a cool, unique style.

mastertonyd 2012-08-11 15:47

I think it's a cool song!

majkeinar 2012-08-15 23:46

Hi again;

I have re-recorded the vocals and made a new mix tonight ... i think it har improved the song.

Dave909 2012-08-16 00:01

Yeah man you pretty much nailed it now! Keep that up man :D

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