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jimidriftwood1 2012-08-13 05:39

"aggergate device"
Anyone having trouble with this and mac computers evertime i unplug the usb mixer(alexis usb8mix) seems the mac or reason has a hard time going back to the proper setup and i just can't aggregate it at all . so i work in usb only .its not the only draw back i used to write tracks ,color the bars, and now the sequencer wants to write clips and erase stuff i did .I went from 3 to the demo version so maybe i haven't learned the new sequencer yet but the only thing stopping me from buying is the hassle of configuring the mac every time i unplug the mixer.

bitleyTM 2012-08-13 19:25

I haven't had any issues with this running later versions of the program. You should go to your Mac's audio / midi settings and create different setups; it will switch automatically between them and give you the option to choose which ever setup you wish inside Reason. Of course you need to switch to the non aggregated setup when that's not connected. Otherwise it shouldn't be any problems with this. A very flexible way of getting more ins and outs.

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