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ttozz 2012-08-14 15:27

criptoracism on KVR and angloamerican forums in general
They see "KVR" and read "KKK".

A bunch of angloamerican criptoracists bullying an italian musician and the coward KVR moderator banning him as "a troll". It happend for real, alas: angloamerica is a state of mind, the KKK state of mind. But the italian musician had a legal solution, thanks to an italian anti-brainless association called "B.U.R.P."

more info here:

"international forums" like this an that are actually angloamerican criptoracist lands, they accept the "foreign" one only if he acts like a slavish clown (see the russian clown here etc.), talking like "me very happy be here, thanks for accepting me and giving me hospitality).

Edit: don't bother banning me, i won't enter ANYMORE in this criptoracist place, thanks.

Leo 2012-08-14 15:51

I think you may have posted this in the wrong forum. This is not a forum for debating racism towards Italians at the KVR forums — this is a place to discuss music-making and Propellerhead products.

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